01 November 2010

You Know What November Means


That's right, it's National Blog Posting Month, which means it's time for 30 days of posting here in Walterland. I hope you're all ready for this because I am pumped this year. I have a bunch of things to write about from last week (Wednesday on got really crazy which is why I haven't blogged since Tuesday, and why I have a bunch to write about). I also have those blog ideas from July or so to write about if I really need something to write. I have 3 boys (not to mention a hubby and a kitty) who provide me with plenty of "blog fodder" as it is, and back in June, my friend Julie did a blog meme called "30 Days of Me" that I will picking topics from as I want, when I want. I've got my NaBloPoMo badge on my sidebar, and I am ready to go!

But this is going to be only post for today and this is all I'm going to say today because I just finished putting all of my pictures on my computer and organizing them all, and I have 150 pictures from October to get up on Flickr and I really want to get that done before I start writing about all the fun we've been having. Plus I have to do the budget today and clean up my desk since it's covered in a sea of papers. However, I do want to leave you with something, so here's a small example of the fun (and sweetness) you are all in store for:


Julie the Army Wife said...

YAY! So glad you are doing this again :) The video was so sweet :)

Gramma V said...

WOO HOO! I'm really looking forward to tidbits from Walterland.

Childress Family said...

Aww...there's nothing better than baby laughs. Looking forward to your daily thoughts.