28 November 2010

My Tummy Hurts

So I took the boys to the movies today. First, I took Deacon to see Tangled, the new Rapunzel movie by Disney. After bringing Deacon home, and putting him down (late) for his nap, I took a little rest myself, then got Zeke up (early) from his nap, and took him to see Megamind, the new "superhero" movie by Dreamworks. They were both pretty good, and we enjoyed ourselves (Zeke went so far as to start dancing around by his seat), but I think all of the popcorn and lemonade has upset my stomach terribly, so I'm going to...um...excuse myself now...and I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully feeling much better. Toodle pip!

1 comment:

summer said...

I'm confused why did you take the boys seperately to two different movies?
Sorry your tummy's upset!:(