25 September 2013

Dumps Like a Truck, Truck, Truck

Apparently it's been a month or so since I've posted here - where does the time go? In attempt to answer that question, here is a photo/post dump, snapshots of what we've been doing since the end of August. My apologies for any blurry photos or for being brief on things that could probably have their own post. We have been crazy busy so it's sort of a feat to get this much done.  So, let's see what we've been up to (in some sense of chronological order):
Every Friday we went to the library for the summer reading program they had:

This could probably go without being said, but there was MUCH Lego'ing:
There was also much gardening of the tomato variety (still hoping my peppers won't let me down):

There was as 2nd mud run with more family and friends participating:

The first day of school (2nd grade for Ezekiel, 1st grade for Deacon):
My women's Bible study group (of which I am president this year) started meeting Wednesday mornings and Tuesday evenings:

Soccer started for the older two:

And Josh got a new "toy" for hunting season, which opens Saturday. Venison anyone?:

There have also been quite a few trips to the water park until it closed, some play dates, a trip to West Point, a trip to camp, as well a day here and there with no where to go and nothing to do. Now we're into the swing of things with school and Bible studies and soccer, and Josh started his new job and maybe we'll get to slow down again around Thanksgiving?

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