22 February 2013

Slightly Spoiled but Super Sweet

The other night at Bible study one of my friends said how much her teenage son gets a kick out Finn.  She said how her son just adores Finn.  I chuckled and said, "There are few who don't adore that boy." For example, the morning bus driver.  Yesterday she sweetly allowed Finn (and me) to get on the bus, take a seat, and then she drove us home.  Clearly, the little man was THRILLED by this:

This morning the bus pulled up, Zeke, Deacon and Thomas got on the bus, and Finn immediately followed.  The bus driver laughed as I tried to pull him off.  I told her he's going to expect to be driven home every day now, which made her laugh even harder as she said, "I guess I opened a whole new can of worms."  She then graciously let us on again and drove us home again (which, I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy about too as it was super cold this morning and 30 seconds on a warm bus is nicer than 60 seconds walking on the cold sidewalk). Hopefully he'll forget all about this over the weekend, but I highly doubt it.  Has a mind like a steel trap that one does.
Aaaaaand, that's my story and my blog post today.
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20 February 2013

It's About Time!

It's about time I got back to this here blog thing.  I have no good reasons for being away for a month, so I won't waste time making things up.  I'll just apologize and move on.  Sorry!
It's been a busy month, and I'll write about the snow and all that good stuff later, but I wanted to stay with the "it's about time" thing and write about Monday and today.
Monday we gave the boys haircuts, and it really was about time.  On the left, the before and on the right, the after:

Deacon's "after picture" isn't the best as it was taken after his shower, but you get the general idea.  And as you can see, Finn was NOT happy about it at all.  He cheered up a little half way through and stopped crying and seemed to even relax a bit.  He didn't relax enough to smile for the picture at the end though.
Today, and while it may not exactly be "about time" for this, it was coming anyway, Finn got a new bed.  Over Presidents Weekend I took advantage of the sales and some sweet online coupons, and ordered a twin sized bed for Mr. Finn.  The bed (and boxspring) came today, and with the "help" of my boys, I got the new bed set up and took apart the toddler bed he'd been sleeping in.
While Finn was SUPER pumped about the whole thing (including his new sheets which he picked out himself last week), when it came time to go to bed he ran into his room and protested, "No bed! No Batman! No Angry Birds! NO!"  Once I placed him in the bed and he saw his familiar animals and blankets it was no big deal and now my little boy is sleeping sweetly in a big boy bed.
And that's it for tonight.  Not much, but at least I'm back, and I think we can all agree, "It's about time!"