31 October 2009

Here It Comes!

NaBloPoMo starts tomorrow and I've signed up to give it a go again this year. Since I now have 30 days of posting ahead of me, I'm not saying much else today. But, here are some things you can look forward to reading about in the month to come:

Josh's birthday
funny things the boys say
potty training
doctor visits
funny things the boys do
weather updates
Thanksgiving (when we get there)
and all sorts of other things

I know you're excited. We'll just see how long I make it before it becomes me just throwing pictures up on the blog saying things like, "Look at my sweet boys while I come up with something clever for tomorrow." You know, if I ever start taking pictures of my sweet boys again.

22 October 2009

A History Lesson In Pictures

"What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs"
by Ezekiel Walter

The End.

19 October 2009

My Apologies

I had planned this post out a number of ways, all of which required me getting a specific picture up here. Sadly, my new computer does not have my scanner program on it (yet) so I can't get said picture here, so I have decided to go ahead without it and whenever Josh can find the time to find the disc with the program on it, I will get the picture up.

That being said, I'd like to apologize for my absense and somewhat sporadic posting around here. I was orginially going to say "I blame this guy", and post the picture, but without the picture I'll have to put it another way: I blame the somewhat intense morning sickness I've been suffering the past month and a half-ish. I'll give you a second to let that statment sink in...

(Do you see now, how the picture from my ultrasound on Monday would have been fun?)

I am also going to go ahead and blame that guy (or girl) for the lack of pictures of my kids (until Thursday, I had not taken any pictures of my boys all month!), and for not having last month's pictures up on flickr, and for life being otherwise boring around here. Even if I were feeling great, I probably would not have much to say right now. However, there are a few things I have been meaning to write about, so here goes:

Remember the termination dust we got last month? Well, it's gone. The mountains are (for the most part) free of all snow, and apparently this has many people a little bit freaked out. See, the termination dust isn't supposed to melt and go away until May (when the baby is due, by the way), or something like that, so this is the first year, ever, that it went away in October. Which is to say, until this past week when it started getting very cold, we've had some gorgeous weather lately. Sure, it's rained a bunch, but I'm thankful that it's rain and not snow. It's also been sunny. As I mentioned, this past week it's been cold though. We busted out the heavy coats this weekend. But it's still sunny!

In other news, we took the bars off of one side of Deacon's crib, um, a few weekends ago. He's adjusted well, but we often find him in bed with Zeke when he's supposed to be sleeping. In fact, one night I went in and Zeke was racked out and Deacon was just lying there next to him, hanging out. I'll have to get a picture. It's sweet. Of course, this also means that most mornings, Zeke wakes up early, wakes Deacon up, the two of them play nicely, they decide to get in Zeke's bed, and Deacon slams his head into the wall (or some part of Zeke's bed) and screams. Which, in turn, means that I jump out of bed, rush into their room, cuddle my sweet boy, get them up for the day, then start to feel yucky as my body slowly catches up with itself. Good times. A bonus though, is that I can call Zeke up from his nap, and he can get Deacon up now, and I don't have to leave my chair while I'm blogging (or whatever) just because naptime is over.

That being said, naptime is over, as is cookie time now, so I should leave my chair and administer some diaper changes. I hope to be back to posting a little more often now, but we'll see. I'm at the mercy of the "wee wiggly one" still, and sometimes (s)he just doesn't like my idea of how we should spend our time.

03 October 2009

Now, Peavey...

...didn't your mother ever teach you NOT to play with your food?

It's seriously like Animal Planet over here some days.
Okay. It's like Animal Planet over here most days.