28 February 2014

Other Things That Happened This February

To wrap up the month, here are a few more things that happened in February of 2014:

We got a bunch of snow:

Josh took the boys to see the Lego Movie in the theaters:

Well, we all went to see it, but the showing we went to sold out before we could get our tickets so Josh bought 3 for during nap time and he took the older 2 boys while Finn and I rested at home.

Basketball came to end:

And Zeke lost yet another tooth:

Here's looking forward to a fun (and hopefully warmer) March!

25 February 2014

Sunday School Songtime

One Sunday, the first Sunday of January I believe, the Sunday school kids sang a few songs during the chapel service. I've been trying since that Sunday to post these here, but it was much more difficult than I had anticipated. Today I figured it out! SO, without further adieu, the kids:


 Aren't they sweet? Thank you Ms. Cindy and Ms. Dee Dee for working with our kids on these songs. You two are the best and we miss you both!

17 February 2014

Maybe This Weekend Was Too Long?

See what happens when you add snow days to a long weekend, making it even longer? People lose teeth. Sweet Deacon started this 5 day weekend with all of his teeth. By the end of Thursday he looked like this:

He's missing a tooth! Fast forward to this morning. (It's 8:30am - I mean even earlier this morning.) The boy now looks like this:

He is now missing TWO teeth! For the love of my child's mouth please let there be school tomorrow!

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13 February 2014


I guess it was Opening Ceremony night of the Olympics when Josh and I first watched the interview with Maria Sharapova, where she went around her old stomping grounds of Sochi, Russia.  At one point during this interview, they went to a restaurant and made (then ate) khachapuri - a bread, egg, and cheese dish. Saturday we were watching more Olympics and saw the same interview (which I cannot find online otherwise I'd link to it for you, but here's a link to a picture from Vogue's website of Maria making hers [you have to click to #6]). As we watched this interview for the 2nd time, we agreed aloud that that dish looks really good.  Like, really good. Shortly thereafter Josh announced he was going to make it.  He went online, found a recipe, went to the commissary for the few things we needed, and went to work, then end result being this:

And oh my g-o-s-h you guys, it was SO stinkin' good. I shared mine with Deacon who, even though he had a wiggle tooth that kept getting in his way, making it difficult to eat this dish, enjoyed it immensely. I'm telling you, Josh did a really good job.  I'm hoping he'll make it again really soon. Like, this Saturday, really soon. Did you read that, Babe? 

Now he's back in from shoveling the 14-16 inches of snow we've received so far this current storm and distracting regaling me with tales from his adventures outside, so that's about it as my train of thought has been completely derailed. I sure do love him. (And his delicious khachapuri.)

10 February 2014

Birthday Bonanza!

Hello Everybody! I'm back and I'm just jumping right in.  There will be no rhyme or reason to the posting here for the time being.  I'll be posting about things currently happening as well as things that have happened in the past 2 1/2 months-ish that I've been away from here.  Who knows? I may even post some things that happened a WAY long time ago that I've been meaning to write about but never got around to.  That being said, let's jump right in!

Last month Ezekiel and I both celebrated our birthdays! On the 3rd, Zeke turned 8. I can't believe it, I have an 8-year-old, how did this happen? I feel like I say that every year.  I probably do say it every year, but every year I mean it. How did this happen? We had a really good time celebrating his birthday this year.  Not that we don't every year, but you know what I'm saying. This year his birthday was on a Friday, and sadly for him it snowed like, an inch, and they closed the school so he didn't get to go on his birthday like he had really been hoping to do. He cried a little. It was sad. But he quickly recovered and it was a good day all the same. He got up and immediately opened his presents - a new Skylander from his brothers and a Giants cap from his parents. He was pretty excited.

Then we hung out and enjoyed the snow day. That night we had some ninja cupcakes.

The next day was the big day though. Saturday we went bowling! It wasn't just the 5 of us though.  It was us, all 6 of his grandparents, his Uncle Bobby and UB's girlfriend, Sam, Tante, Tia, and Tia's boyfriend, Ivan. Then, as a special thing he invited one of the boys from his class, so Mikey and his mom, Dania were there. Sadly, Deacon got sick that morning, so he and Josh stayed home, but the rest of us had a really good time! After bowling most of us came back to our house for cake (and more amazing cookies made by Heather) and presents and to hang out for a bit. 

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures all day.  I know my mom did and she emailed them to me, but I put them in a folder or something and now I'm having a hard time locating them. I'll keep looking. But all in all, it was a really good day, and he had a really great time.  He's already talking about doing it again for his next birthday!

My birthday was on the 11th, which was a Saturday.  The Wednesday before some of my friends surprised me at Bible study with a gorgeous Doctor Who cake that my friend, Nicole, made and some ice cream. Seriously you guys, the cake was amazing. It also tasted amazing.

Right?! On Saturday, I opened my presents from my guys, and took Zeke to Mikey's birthday party at the same bowling alley Zeke had his party at.  That's right, Mikey is cool because he and I share a birthday. Woot! However, since it was my birthday also, we left as soon as the bowling was finished because I had to get home to get ready to go out to dinner. My mom and stepdad volunteered to babysit and we took them up on the offer. They showed up, we had cake (the bottom tier from Wednesday's cake), then Josh and I went to the New Orleans Steakhouse for dinner.  We'd never been and I wanted to go, so we did.  And it was good. We were both so stuffed by the time we left.

And that's about it.  (I think this might be how I close all of my blog posts from now on so I don't have to think of eloquently worded closing lines and things.)