13 February 2014


I guess it was Opening Ceremony night of the Olympics when Josh and I first watched the interview with Maria Sharapova, where she went around her old stomping grounds of Sochi, Russia.  At one point during this interview, they went to a restaurant and made (then ate) khachapuri - a bread, egg, and cheese dish. Saturday we were watching more Olympics and saw the same interview (which I cannot find online otherwise I'd link to it for you, but here's a link to a picture from Vogue's website of Maria making hers [you have to click to #6]). As we watched this interview for the 2nd time, we agreed aloud that that dish looks really good.  Like, really good. Shortly thereafter Josh announced he was going to make it.  He went online, found a recipe, went to the commissary for the few things we needed, and went to work, then end result being this:

And oh my g-o-s-h you guys, it was SO stinkin' good. I shared mine with Deacon who, even though he had a wiggle tooth that kept getting in his way, making it difficult to eat this dish, enjoyed it immensely. I'm telling you, Josh did a really good job.  I'm hoping he'll make it again really soon. Like, this Saturday, really soon. Did you read that, Babe? 

Now he's back in from shoveling the 14-16 inches of snow we've received so far this current storm and distracting regaling me with tales from his adventures outside, so that's about it as my train of thought has been completely derailed. I sure do love him. (And his delicious khachapuri.)

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-Jenny said...

When is he going to come make that for us? Looks super yummy!!!