30 August 2007

Nakie Man

So, the other day I put Zeke down for a nap in just his diaper because it actually got hot here for a few days. After listening to him play in his bed for an hour I decided to go in and check on him. So I opened the door and there he was...everything from his bed on the floor and he was naked. Yup, he's figured out how to take off his diapers. Yee-ha! When he saw me come in he said, "Yay!" Then proceeded to run circles in his bed - naked. Ah the joys of boys.

First Blog

So here I am joining the blogging world. Don't worry, I'm keeping the bebo webpage (http://graceabides.bebo.com for those of you who don't have it), but this will be for little stories of funny or sweet or whatever things my boys do throughout the days and weeks. So, enjoy!