29 March 2012

Another End of the Month Recap Coming At You!

I do hate doing this to you guys. I really want to be better about posting more often and not just dumping a ton of things on you at the end of each month. And really, there's no reason why I keep doing this. Sure, I have things going on and projects and things I was trying to get done, but it's not like I can't spare 1/2 hour every few days to write. I'll try to to better from now on. Promises, promises. ANYhoo...

Not too many exciting things really happened the 2nd half of this month (maybe that's why the blogging's been sparse?). Finn discovered his toes, and he's FASCINATED with them (his tongue too now, but that's harder to get a picture of as he's constantly wiggling it).

Two weekends ago now I drove from New Jersey down to Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland to visit a friend of mine stationed in Alaska who was wounded in a non-combat injury while deployed to Afghanistan (there are a LOT of VERY different places in that sentence). Basically, she landed on her spine, paralyzing herself doing backflips. She was flown to WR and underwent a 6 hour surgery. She's walking and doing really well, but still has a long road to go (I know you know what I mean). To help raise her spirits a little bit (where are actually in really good condition - oh how we both did laugh that weekend) I took her to the mall so she could buy some "real" clothes.

She didn't buy those glasses or the scarf (too bad), but she did buy some nice stuff and we had such a good time walking around for 6(!) hours. It was sad leaving on Sunday after chapel and lunch at the DFAC, but I missed my boys who spent the weekend having a "dude-cation" with Daddy.

While I was gone and for many days after, Josh worked on his new garden project "with" the boys' "help". We planted the peas already and hopefully we'll get more stuff in the ground once he's back from his current travels.

This month we also put the boys on their bikes for the first time and started the process of teaching them how to ride. It was interesting. They kept hitting the brakes then had a hard time starting up again, but I know they'll get it as they practice more and more. Luckily we have a pretty decent parking lot behind our house they can practice on.

This past weekend we went up to my aunt's in the Poconos for a family birthday party. My grandmother and her twin turned 80! My sister, Jenny turned 30! And then other people too, but those were the "big" numbers. This weekend I'll be heading to Jenny's for her birthday party.

And then last night I took the boys for a walk after dinner. We walked by the lake and, of course, threw rocks and sticks and grass and what-not into the water. As we were hanging out, one of the adult swans (there are new babies!) swam over and got quite close to us:

It was really cool. It also did that thing where it flew across the lake, but it skimmed its feet along the water and it did, making a really interesting flapping/slapping sound. I think it was showing off.

And that brings us up to date. Otherwise we've just been going to the playground or doing homework or whatever. Both bigger (I really need to start saying "older" as Finn is RAPIDLY catching up to them) boys are still LOVING school, and are having fun hanging out with their friends. Spring has sprung and we are loving it and just enjoying our time. Until my next "monthly dump". Hahahaha!

14 March 2012

Yay For the Circus!

This past weekend my stepdad treated the older 2 boys and me to a performance of the Big Apple Circus. (I made the call to leave Finn at home - he's not old enough to appreciate it nor is he good enough to sit quietly through the performances. He loses interest in things rather quickly.) It's not a super huge circus like the 3 ring ones that come around, but it was the perfect little circus for the boy as it was their first time at one, and they had NO idea what to expect.

We had a really great time. The boys were so excited by all of it. I think Zeke's mouth hung open while his eyes popped out almost the entire time. It was almost as much fun watching him as it was watching the circus.

My mom and 2 of my sisters (the twins) went too. You weren't supposed to take pictures during the performances, hence my only having pics of us and the set up before they announced to pictures. Which is really too bad because we did enjoy the show and it would have been fun to have pictures for them to tak about.

But I got some good pictures anyway, and as you can see by all the smiles we had a really good time. Thank you, Pappy, for a fun day!

08 March 2012

I Felt I Needed to Post Something

It's kind of hard coming up with things to write about when every day kind of goes the same way here. Just one day after the other. The weather's been nice here and there so we've gone to the playgroud a few times in past few weeks. That's been nice. Otherwise, it's just the same old, same old. Well, other than the fact that Finn is sick. He threw up last night around 10, and has a fever today - even though he's been playing and happy. And that's really all. But so it's not a complete waste of your time coming here today and reading this, here's a picture of what Finn looked like this morning when he woke up:

That is some impressive boogerage, son!