14 March 2012

Yay For the Circus!

This past weekend my stepdad treated the older 2 boys and me to a performance of the Big Apple Circus. (I made the call to leave Finn at home - he's not old enough to appreciate it nor is he good enough to sit quietly through the performances. He loses interest in things rather quickly.) It's not a super huge circus like the 3 ring ones that come around, but it was the perfect little circus for the boy as it was their first time at one, and they had NO idea what to expect.

We had a really great time. The boys were so excited by all of it. I think Zeke's mouth hung open while his eyes popped out almost the entire time. It was almost as much fun watching him as it was watching the circus.

My mom and 2 of my sisters (the twins) went too. You weren't supposed to take pictures during the performances, hence my only having pics of us and the set up before they announced to pictures. Which is really too bad because we did enjoy the show and it would have been fun to have pictures for them to tak about.

But I got some good pictures anyway, and as you can see by all the smiles we had a really good time. Thank you, Pappy, for a fun day!

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