06 May 2014

FOUR?! How Can He Be Four Already?!

You guys! Finn turned FOUR! I don't remember authorizing this to happen. My sweet baby really isn't a baby anymore. For posterity, at his appointment Finn measured in 42 inches tall, and...I don't seem to have his weight written down anywhere so let's just go with...heavy. I'm not kidding. That is kid is NOT light.

The Saturday before Finn's birthday we had his family party. Usual guests doing the usual things, at the usual time and place.

On his actual birthday we did the usual smaller affair. 

Since it all played out as usual, and I haven't anything else really to add, I thought I'd take a look back at what each boy looked like at four. 

43" tall, 36 1/2 pounds heavy:

41 1/2" tall, 41 pounds heavy:

(again) 42" tall, (probably about) 41 (or so) pounds heavy:

What fun! Happy birthday sweet boy. We love you and LOVE watching the funny, smart, resourceful kid you are turning into.