28 August 2009

No Nose Knows Like Mom's Nose Knows

So, I was getting dressed this morning in my bedroom while the boys were eating cereal and playing with their train tracks in the living room. In the four minutes it took me to get dressed, one of them had pooped. I knew one of them did because I could smell it as soon as I walked into the living room. So I said, "Okay, someone is stinky. Who is it?" Zeke looked at me and said, "Dee Dee stinky." I took another whiff of the room, and said to him, "Are you sure, Zeke? That smells more like your "brand" of poop-stink." And sure enough, it was Zeke who had pooped.

Do you think it means anything that I can determine which of my kids pooped based solely on the odor filling the room?

24 August 2009

I'm Going to Let the Sheet Start Us Off...

That's right. Josh's parents came to visit last week. In true Alaska fashion, we wrote a welcome message to them on a bedsheet, and hung it from the walkway overpass that we drive under every time we make our way to Walmart, church, or anything other part of our town besides our street. So, that was Saturday, which was also the day they came in. Sort of. Mom and Dad actually arrived at midnight, so technically it was Sunday they got here, as Sunday was the day we all saw them since Josh went by himself to the airport.

Sunday we took it easy and went to church. That was pretty much it for Sunday. The boys didn't really take long to warm up to their grandparents, and soon was being had by all.

Monday we went to the Alaska Native Heritage Museum in the morning. It is really a neat place. We got to see all kinds of different living accomodations, and a dance performance/"lecture".

While the boys did incredibly well while we were there, Deacon decided he was ready to go long before Grandpa was. Grandpa graciously agreed to leave early, but unfortunately we weren't quick enough getting out and Deacon had a bit of a meltdown. We got everyone back home, fed them some lunch, put the boys down for naps, then Mom and Dad headed back on their own to finish up the museum.

After naptime we went for a little hike to Eagle River (since it's right across the street). While a bit muddy, it was a nice time. Many a rock was thrown (or skipped [or attempted to be skipped]), as were some sticks.

Then it was back to the house for dinner, baths, movie time, bedtime for the kids, game time for the adults (which actually took place during the rest of the naptimes and bedtimes - yay), and then bedtime for the adults.

Tuesdsay I had a meeting to attend in the morning, so Josh took the kids and his parents to the zoo. The zoo here has a fabulous family pass, which we got, which allows free entry for both parents, all kids, and all grandparents, for a full year. Plus we get a big discount on extra tickets. That being said, if you ever come visit us, expect a trip to the zoo.

Tuesday afternoon we just hung out around the house, ordered some pizzas (and didn't realize until too late that the wrong size had been delivered - oh well), and rested for the afternoon. You know, as much as you can rest with Zeke and Deacon around.

Wednesday Josh took his dad fishing in a somewhat local stream. The plan was they would fish all morning and when the boys got up from their a.m. rest time that Mom and I would load the boys up and join Josh and Dad at the river. A good plan. However, we got there and it was chilly, and muddy, and there were a TON of people there. Seriously, who were these people and why weren't they at work at 11am on a Wednesday? Sadly, this meant there was nothing for the boys to do there since they couldn't really make noise (they might scare the fish), and they couldn't do their all time favorite activity of throwing rocks in the water (again, because of the scaring of the fish thing). So, we got there, hung out for, um, 10 minutes, then went back home, had lunch and put the boys down for naps.

Of course, I was already a little jaded getting out there because Josh's original directions for me were less than helpful and when Mom tried calling from the road to figure out if we'd gone too far or not far enough or whatever, no one answered either cell phone. Josh did call back quickly though, and we figured it out. I was just a little annoyed, is all. It was sad it didn't work out, because if no one else had been there (like we figured), it would have been a fun time for - the boys anyway.

SO, onwards we go. Wednesday afternoon went much like Tuesday afternoon only Josh did a little "fish fry" action for dinner. Yum. And the kids played in the yard. And that all for Wednesday.

Thurday morning we went to the Alaska Botanical Gardens. It was very nice. A little smaller than I imagined for some reason, but beautiful. The herb garden, in particular, was a favorite. There were also mushrooms all over that we were told to leave alone as there was a mushroom walk scheduled for the afternoon. And for the most part we did leave the mushrooms alone. Some pictures were taken, and Deacon did plow through a little grouping of two or so, but that's about all the damage we did.

After naps, we went to the playground at the local elementary school with Grandma (Grandpa stayed home a took a nap of his own). I had pulled pork going in the crock pot, so there was no worrying about getting home/staying home to make dinner. We had a good time at the park. There was an after school thing going on, so there were a bunch of big kids around for a bit. Zeke LOVED this and tried so hard to keep up with them, never realizing that he was being ignored (for the most part, one boy did see him there and gave him a high-five). Once the big kids left though, we had a great time climbing and sliding and swinging.

After the boys went to bed, we spent a few more hours hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa before they had to leave for the airport. Their flight was at 1am (Friday), so Josh took them to the airport and I went to bed.
All in all, I'd say it was a great visit. Exhausting, but just the right amount of time, and just really great. Thanks Mom and Dad/Grandma and Grandpa for coming to see us. We love you!
(Oh, and if you want to see the rest of the pictures from the week, I have them up on flickr, HERE.)

15 August 2009

So, Um, I Guess We Were Only Amusing Ourselves?

Well, Niki (and everyone else), Jack wasn't the only one protesting this dance contest. While Jack's protest was of a peaceful, silent nature, Zeke's was a little more verbal...

So, I guess we're done here. Kind of anticlimactic, especially after all the "trash talking" Niki and I did. But, since I don't want you to go away from here totally empty handed, here is a video of Zeke (and Josh) singing a song and doing some handmotions to a song that Josh's grandmother made up...

Okay, here's a second version because I just can't get enough of it, and I also can't decide which version is better because they really are two different performances in which he totally rocks different points. I thought about trying to figure out how to meld them into one video with just the good parts, but then I decided I didn't care that much and two videos is just as good. Therefore, here's number two for you...

And with that, I leave you now. Josh's parents are coming to visit for a few days and there is cleaning to be done and stuff to take care of before they arrive at midnight tonight. Guess who's making that airport run. (I'll give you a hint, it's NOT the girl writing this post. Or, not writing this post, I guess, since I am finished writing it.)

10 August 2009

Read 'Em and Weap!

Okay, Niki. I'll see your Six Little Ducks, and raise you one Godfather of Soul:

I'll spare you the parentheses this time. The song, in case you can't really hear it, is "Get Up Offa That Thing" by James Brown. It plays during the last few minutes of "Robots". Also, I posted two videos because the first one has both boys dancing (Deacon stops dancing halfway through the first video so he can poop), but the second has Zeke doing a little bit better moves and he lays a sweet kiss on Deacon which is too good not to share.

And I don't know about you, Niki, but I know my boys can do better (I think Zeke may have been too busy trying to copy the dance moves he was seeing on the TV, and we all know Deacon's excuse). How about one more round? We'll give each other until, um, Friday? to capture our boys' sweet moves. Does Friday work for you?

06 August 2009

Are You Sure, Niki?

Are you sure you want to take on these two in a "Toddler Dance-Off?"

I'm just making sure. Keep in mind, this is only a small sampling of what these two can do. I'll save their better moves under wraps, as it were, for now. Be afraid, Jack. Be very, very afraid.

(In case you can't tell, they're dancing to the end song of "Backyardigans".)
(Did you notice Zeke's little "foot in the air" pose at the end?)
(After the kids finish singing on the show, they run into a house for snack time. After they're done singing and dancing, my boys run into their bedroom calling out, "Later! Later!")
(Also, I posted July pics on Flickr. It's mostly parade shots, but they're still pretty cool. Lots of neat cars.)
(I think I'm done parenthesizing now.)
(Yes, I made up that word. I know you know what I mean.)

(okay, now i'm done)

03 August 2009


I feel my last post, and it's ambiguity about Baby #3 has left some people feeling different ways about things. So...

To those who felt like I was putting that statement out there because I am annoyed at all the asking, I apologize. I do not mind the questions at all. It's just that since a number of people have asked in the past few days/weeks/whatever, I felt that it was something that would be good to write about here, for all to know at once. I really was just too tired to actually write anything about it that day.

To those who are now thinking that I am actually currently pregnant and not yet telling you, sorry again, but no. I'm not pregnant. I am also not planning on being pregnant quite yet. (Of course, now that I've written that, I will probably get pregnant next week or something.) So, I apologize if you feel I've led you astray.

Apologies out of the way, unless you fall into an altogether different group, then my apologies to you for whatever it was I led you to think/feel/believe/etc. Now, I'm not sure what else to say. I do want you to know thought, that whatever I do say next, I don't mean to come off as preachy, or defensive, or whatever else. This is just where my heart is right now. So please read it gently.

No, I'm not pregnant, but yes, we are planning on having a third baby sometime. Obviously, "nowish" is the time as Josh has a fairly laid-back job and isn't planning on deploying any time soon. (And now that I've said that, he'll be going to Afghanistan next week.) Of course, Josh was ready 9 months ago for Baby #3 to be here already, so now we all know it's been mainly my decision to keep waiting.

As you may remember, I wanted to get my wisdom teeth out before we started trying for Baby #3, because if I got pregnant again before they came out, I have NO idea when that ever would have happened, and they were causing me much pain, so they HAD to come out. That had to wait until we got to Alaska because every. single. dentist. in Oklahoma was booked until well after we would have been gone from there. So, we made it to Alaska, the teeth have come out, so what's the hold up now?

I'm not sure. Basically, it comes down to me just not being ready, I think. I mean, I want another child, I really, really do, but I just don't want to do the pregnancy thing again yet. Nor, do I want to do that newborn phase again. There are a bunch of women here who have either given birth in the last few weeks or are due to give birth soon, and I look at them and I look at their babies, and I think, "No. I do not want to go there again."

I try to throw out things like, "I would really like Deacon to be 3 before Baby #3 comes along" or "I'm just not sure about timing right now because if family comes to visit in the summer..." (which leads to two or so tangets on its own) and so on. But really, none of that really matters. Why does matter if Deacon is 3 or almost 3? Why should my cousin's wedding that most likely will be in June determine when I get pregnant? It doesn't matter. None of it does.
Because what it boils down to is the fact that I just don't want to.

Now, all of this isn't to say that if I did get pregnant next week, I wouldn't be excited. I would be thrilled. The more Josh and I talk about it, the more "ready", I guess, I get. I do want another child. I do want it all to happen. I just sometimes look at my boys and wonder if I really need more?

Of course, I've come to realize that all of this is just nonsense. That whether or not I'm ready, God, if He chooses to, will give us another child in His perfect timing. Look at Deacon. Clearly, I was not ready to pregnant with him when I found out I was (I cried tears that weren't the happy kind at first), but now, now it's perfect. And I can see God moving in all of that. Looking back again, I realize all my worrying, thinking, and planning, is moot. God knows my heart, my circumstances, and my capabilities far better than I do. He will never give me more than I can handle or more than I can deal with by His grace.

So, I've stopped worrying about it. I've stopped thinking about it. I've stopped trying to plan it all out in my head. I have FINALLY given it all over to God, and I know He will provide perfectly for me. Therefore, if I get pregnant next week, great! If it takes 5 years, great! If it never happens again, great. Because I know my God is in control, and that is enough for me.