29 July 2010

A Sweet Moment

I asked Zeke to help me out for a minute, by reading a book to Finn. He was more than happy to oblige.

As I was taking this picture, Zeke looked up at me and said, "Mommy, are you picturing?"

A moment this sweet? You bet I am picturing son.

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23 July 2010

July's Visitors

Josh's parents came to visit us from the 13th until the 19th of this month. Well, they were supposted to get in on the 12th, but weather at their layover point prevented them from even being able to leave Philly. Crazy, I know. But they finally got here Tuesday night around 11:30pm. Zeke and Deacon were thrilled - the next morning when they woke up to Grammy and Poppa being here that is.

The excitment was somewhat short lived though. As soon as the boys were up, we fed them and dressed them, then Josh and I whisked Deacon and Finn away to the doctor's. But after we came home, had lunch, and had naps, we had a lovely time just hanging out.

Grammy and I did a bunch of knitting and crocheting (in that one picture, you can see that even Deacon got in on that action a little). Poppa and Daddy built many train tracks and played lots of video games to entertain Zeke. On Friday, they switched things up a little by taking the boys to the library for story time, leaving Finn and me home alone to enjoy a little quiet.
Saturday was a fun day (and the only day it didn't rain their entire visit I think). Josh, his parents, and the two "big boys" went down to Portage Valley. I won't get into why Finn and I didn't go. But they had a lovely trip, with lovely weather, and general loveliness all around.

On Sunday, we did something special. Something that I feel deserves it's own blog post, but I don't have too much to say about it, so I'm just going to write about it all here. Sunday, we had Finn dedicated at church. It was really nicely done by Pastor Mark (pictured below), who actually shares a birthday with Finn. In the picture, we're praying over Finn, and while it's not the greatest picture, I picked it because I like Finn's smile. It almost seems like he understands what's going on and is really pleased by it.

Besides all that, we really just hung out around the house. Josh's parents had been to Alaska twice before this, so they have pretty much seen it all and just came to visit with us and to play with the grandkids. Which they did. I also took advantage of their visit by going to the dentist on Monday, but that's neither here nor there. Monday afternoon Josh came home from work, and took his parents to the airport for their flight back to New Jersey. It was a fun visit and we miss them already.

22 July 2010

Chomps Ahoy

During one of their many wrestling bouts today, I heard Deacon stop laughing and start crying. Zeke came out of their bedroom, came to me in the kitchen and said, "Deacon hurt." I asked Zeke, "What did you do to him?" and told me that he bit Deacon.

I sighed, then went into their bedroom to check on Deacon. Sweet boy was sitting in the middle of his bed, sobbing. So I sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. He told me his belly hurt, lifted up his shirt and showed me this:

Yeah. Those are teeth marks - Zeke's teeth marks. I don't think I have ever been so shocked at and disappointed in and upset with Zeke. Looking at Deacon's belly now, hours later, I still can't believe it happened. My poor baby.

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21 July 2010

Whatta Man

Let me tell you a story about my husband real quick. For the past two weeks or so my friend, Amity, has been trying to get me to go the evening PWOC study out here since I can't make it to the morning one anymore because of Zeke's school. So I finally agreed to go last night because they were meeting for dinner instead of study and we figured it would be a good way for me to meet the ladies that go at night.

Yesterday afternoon, I called Amity to see if she wanted to go together (since she lives right around the block), and she told me how her husband was supposed to watch their 5 kids, plus another woman's 2 kids, but her husband had just called to say he wasn't going to be home any where close to on time, so she was going to stay home with all the kids so her friend could go to dinner without her kids (this other woman's husband is currently deployed). When Josh got home from work I told him what was going on, and he volunteered to watch all of the kids. All of them. Amity's 5, her friend's 2, and our 2 (I was told I had to bring Finn with me). That's 9. Josh, of his own sweetness and good will volunteered to watch 9 kids until Amity's husband could get home from work, so that Amity could go out to dinner with us as well. Isn't he wonderful? He had all 9 kids for an hour and a half or so too.

Josh told me I shouldn't expect him to volunteer for anything like this again anytime soon, but it was SO appreciated by so many ladies (not just Amity, her friend, and myself, but everyone else who was at dinner and heard the story and was happy all 3 of us were able to make it). Thank you babe, you really saved the day. Our hero.

14 July 2010

The Stats

height: 24 1/2" (100%)
weight: 14lbs 14oz (100%)

height: 38 1/2" (75%)
weight: 35lbs (75%)

And that's all for now since Josh's mom and dad are here. I'll be back in a week after their visit is over. I just wanted to put the numbers up there for those who were curious (ahem, Amity).

12 July 2010

Finnie Winnie Boo Boo Bear

That's what I've taken to calling Finn sometimes (we watched "How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days" the other night...it's from that). I'm just putting it out there.

Anyhoo, Finn's been doing well. He's quite the charmer. He's also been doing quite well lifting his head up. He hasn't rolled over again since I posted that he's done it, but that's okay. I've seen it happen. I know he can do it.

He goes to the doctor's on Wednesday for his 2 month well baby. I can't wait to see what they have to say about my my chunky monkey.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to show off the baby blanket I made for Finn. I actually finished it before he was born, but it was pretty close, and things were kind of crazy back in those days. But without further adieu, here it is.

I got the pattern from a friend of mine in England (that's right, I have friends in England...non-military friends too). I decided to sew on a satin edge instead of doing the knitted one the pattern called for. It was a bit of work, but I'm really pleased with the final product.

I also (after Finn was born) knit up some dishcloths as a "thank you" to all the wonderful ladies from my Bible study group and from my knitting group who brought us meals the weeks following Finn's birth. Here's what they looked like (yes, I'm showing off a little this post).

Okay, now that I'm finished showing off my knitting prowess (for now), I want to show off my sweet baby once more.

I told you that smile is contagious.

08 July 2010

I Like It

For whatever reason, Josh got it in his head at some point over the long weekend that he wanted to rearrange the living room. I was pretty sure we had found the only option for our furniture with this room layout, but apparently I was wrong.

This is how our living room used to look:

And this is how it looks now:

Pretty sweet, huh? It opens up the living room even more. Of course, now I'm not sure where we'll put the Christmas tree, but we can figure that out when it's time. In the mean time, well done babe. Well done.

06 July 2010

My New Partner In Crime

Okay, maybe he's not my new partner in crime, but I have a new "partner" to go to the movies with now. Saturday morning I took Zeke to the movies for his first time ever. We went to see Toy Story 3. He was pretty excited (as you can see by his face in the picture). As soon as we entered the theater, his eyes got all big, a huge smile spread across his sweet face, and he whispered "wow", in complete awe. He zoned in on the arcade at first, and since we had some time to kill before the movie started I let him sit in the racing car game seats and pretend he was driving. He was even more excited when we went our seats and the previews and such started. Even more exciting though was when the actual movie started and Woody showed up on the screen.

Zeke did so well. He was a little on the light side for the seats, so he had to sit on my lap the whole time, lest the chair eat him, but that was okay...it made it easier to share the popcorn and lemonade. (I got us a medium popcorn and medium drink because it was a combo pack. My eyes almost fell out of my head at what they call a medium these days...it was HUGE! We still managed to eat and drink it all though, don't worry.) I am also proud to say that Zeke had to pee halfway through the movie and was good enough to let me know and let me take him to the bathroom, even though it meant missing 5 minutes of the movie since there was no way for me to hit pause like I do at home. Not only is my "baby" such a big boy now, but I now have an "excuse" to go see kid movies at the theaters. Score!

05 July 2010


Guess who's 2 months old today?

I'll give you 3 hints.
Hint #1: he likes to sleep (when he actually sleeps that is) with his hands in the air sometimes.

Hint #2: when Uruguay's game on Friday went into extra time, and then into penalty kicks, it was just too much excitement for him.

Hint #3: he makes the saddest faces, and just kills people when he pushes out his bottom lip.

Can you believe my sweet baby is 2 months old already? I sure can't. Of course, sometimes I forget he's only 2 months old when I look at how big he is. (According the measuring and weighing we did at home today he's weighing in at around 15 pounds and is about 24 inches long. He goes to the doctor for his 2 month well baby appointment next week, so I'll have "official" numbers then.) But he's so sweet (when he's not crying), and has a smile that is so contagious and wonderful. I'll try to get another good picture of it. It's just hard because I get so caught up in it, that taking pictures just doesn't happen. And, of course, when I think to take pictures and get the camera (or the phone) he stops smiling and does his "concerned" face. Ah well. But now I hear the little man crying for some lunch, so I had better get going.

Oh! I almost forgot. Finn started rolling over this month. I know, I know. Already?