23 July 2010

July's Visitors

Josh's parents came to visit us from the 13th until the 19th of this month. Well, they were supposted to get in on the 12th, but weather at their layover point prevented them from even being able to leave Philly. Crazy, I know. But they finally got here Tuesday night around 11:30pm. Zeke and Deacon were thrilled - the next morning when they woke up to Grammy and Poppa being here that is.

The excitment was somewhat short lived though. As soon as the boys were up, we fed them and dressed them, then Josh and I whisked Deacon and Finn away to the doctor's. But after we came home, had lunch, and had naps, we had a lovely time just hanging out.

Grammy and I did a bunch of knitting and crocheting (in that one picture, you can see that even Deacon got in on that action a little). Poppa and Daddy built many train tracks and played lots of video games to entertain Zeke. On Friday, they switched things up a little by taking the boys to the library for story time, leaving Finn and me home alone to enjoy a little quiet.
Saturday was a fun day (and the only day it didn't rain their entire visit I think). Josh, his parents, and the two "big boys" went down to Portage Valley. I won't get into why Finn and I didn't go. But they had a lovely trip, with lovely weather, and general loveliness all around.

On Sunday, we did something special. Something that I feel deserves it's own blog post, but I don't have too much to say about it, so I'm just going to write about it all here. Sunday, we had Finn dedicated at church. It was really nicely done by Pastor Mark (pictured below), who actually shares a birthday with Finn. In the picture, we're praying over Finn, and while it's not the greatest picture, I picked it because I like Finn's smile. It almost seems like he understands what's going on and is really pleased by it.

Besides all that, we really just hung out around the house. Josh's parents had been to Alaska twice before this, so they have pretty much seen it all and just came to visit with us and to play with the grandkids. Which they did. I also took advantage of their visit by going to the dentist on Monday, but that's neither here nor there. Monday afternoon Josh came home from work, and took his parents to the airport for their flight back to New Jersey. It was a fun visit and we miss them already.

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Embrace the Circus said...

Oh, Beth, I love that photograph from Finn's dedication. Maybe it's just pregnancy hormones (I keep coming back to that one lately), but it made me tear up to see him smiling so widely as you all prayed over him. It's such an amazing thing to be able to dedicate these little people to the Lord... Infant baptisms/dedications always make me cry (even when I'm not pregnant, I swear)!