06 July 2010

My New Partner In Crime

Okay, maybe he's not my new partner in crime, but I have a new "partner" to go to the movies with now. Saturday morning I took Zeke to the movies for his first time ever. We went to see Toy Story 3. He was pretty excited (as you can see by his face in the picture). As soon as we entered the theater, his eyes got all big, a huge smile spread across his sweet face, and he whispered "wow", in complete awe. He zoned in on the arcade at first, and since we had some time to kill before the movie started I let him sit in the racing car game seats and pretend he was driving. He was even more excited when we went our seats and the previews and such started. Even more exciting though was when the actual movie started and Woody showed up on the screen.

Zeke did so well. He was a little on the light side for the seats, so he had to sit on my lap the whole time, lest the chair eat him, but that was okay...it made it easier to share the popcorn and lemonade. (I got us a medium popcorn and medium drink because it was a combo pack. My eyes almost fell out of my head at what they call a medium these days...it was HUGE! We still managed to eat and drink it all though, don't worry.) I am also proud to say that Zeke had to pee halfway through the movie and was good enough to let me know and let me take him to the bathroom, even though it meant missing 5 minutes of the movie since there was no way for me to hit pause like I do at home. Not only is my "baby" such a big boy now, but I now have an "excuse" to go see kid movies at the theaters. Score!


Aubrey Lynn said...

And what a great movie to go see! I loved Toy Story 3!! Glad you have a new "movie buddy!"

corry ann said...

thats great im ready to see that one and a few others but i have to go with my cous since the baby isnt here yet :o) enjoy your movies

Gramma V said...

What a great story!!! I love it!