31 July 2014

So...the Rest of July Happened

Besides the Ford-Faesch Manor, and the big two boys going to camp for a week, a few other things happened this month that I thought I'd just highlight quickly before August happens.

The week before camp, the boys (and I) went to VBS at a church nearby.  It was a super fun time for the kids and I'm really impressed with this church and their program. I almost wish we weren't so committed to our chapel, or I'd seriously consider attending there. All of the kids had a blast and we already can't wait for next year!

The last night of VBS, and the day before the day before we left for camp, my friend Christina came up to spend the night and visit us once more before she moves to Hawaii. It was a great visit and we wish her luck as she heads back home. (Home being Hawaii - it's where she's from.)

OH! One day during VBS I looked out the window of the "class" I was taking and saw a mama bear with FOUR bear cubs. They were adorable! My favorite was the runt of the liter, so to speak, who kept running to keep up with his older siblings. Poor Mama Bear was lagging behind, clearly worn out by her offspring.

There was also lots of fun playing outside and just being boys.

So far, so good for this summer vacation!

24 July 2014

The Next Generation Begins!

Last week, the 13th to the 19th of July, Zeke and Deacon spent the week at Pine Bush Bible Camp. This was super exciting for a few reasons. One, it was the first time either of them spent a night away from home without us, except for Easter two years ago when they spent one night at my mom's. Two, my cousin, Candice, and I grew up going to and then working at this camp.  It was a HUGE part of my summer, life, etc, for a good 15 years or so. Needless to say, I was super pumped to have them go. They were super pumped to go as well, and seem to have a had a really good time.

I was also super pumped my sister, Katherine, was there to come along side the boys and lift them up when they were feeling a little down, and to just be there with them. She said Zeke did really well, and had a smile on his face all the time and loved it. She also said that Deacon wasn't as excited and kind of moved slowly like a zombie through the week, but that's essentially Deacon in a nutshell.  That kids have very little pep. I think Zeke got Deacon's helping of that.  I digress...They both said they had a great time and would happily go back next summer, maybe even for 2 weeks.

This meant Finn got to have Mama (that's what he calls me) all to himself for the week.  I do mean all to himself as Josh was in Indiana almost that whole time too. He left before the boys did and didn't get home until Thursday. So, what did the wee one and I do? Umm...

Monday we had a successful trip to the library:

Tuesday Finn "helped" me cut the grass in the backyard:

Wednesday he "helped" me do some laundry:

Thursday, Finn helped me take garbage and recycling to the dumpsters:

Finn is a HUGE fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (has been for a few years now) and before each of these chores, Finn would ask himself, "Which Mouseketool will we use today?" The answers being: scissors to cut the grass, a shovel to do laundry, and a flashlight to take out the garbage.

On Friday, Josh was home, so instead of chores, "we" played on computers: 

Like father like son.

So, the whole week Finn kept asking when we would go to camp and get his brothers. He asked every single day if we could do that. Every day.  Saturday rolls around, he climbs into bed with me and asks, "Where are we going today?" When I told him was the day we could finally go to camp and get his brothers he was all, "Umm...no. I don't want to do that today." What?! Well, get them we did, and I think it's pretty safe to say they all missed each other:

Welcome home Zeke and Deacon! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time.

PS. Thanks to Erna Tremper for taking so many great pictures and posting them on Facebook while the boys were gone! The first 2 pictures are from there. 

08 July 2014

From Cutey to Tony Stark

Deacon had a birthday a few weeks ago (I promise to post about it this week, along with Finn's birthday, maybe some ball pictures, horses, and who knows what else). The week before his birthday party Josh and I went to the All Saint's Ball, and my stepdad, Pappy, babysat the boys for us.  When we got home, Pappy told us that Deacon told him that he wants a turtle for his birthday. We all laughed thinking he was being silly, but the next day, of his own accord, Deacon informed me that he told Pappy he wants a turtle for his birthday and Pappy is going to get him one. I sent a text to my sister, telling her what Deacon had said, and finished with a comment along the lines of, "If he did wind up getting a turtle for his birthday I wouldn't be angry."

Meet our new turtle:

At his birthday party, Deacon had decided to name the turtle "Cutey" because that's what my mom had been calling it for the past day. Cutey came in a tiny little thing that we decided needed to be replaced.  Thus, a few days after we got him, we got this:

Oh yes. A nice big terrarium for the newest member of the Walter family. When Cutey got his new, sweet digs, we decided that a new, sweet name was in order.  After all, if a turtle survives it's first year in the home, it'll live for a solid 30 years or so. I was pretty sure Deacon wasn't going to want to bring his turtle to college with him and have to introduce it to everyone as "Cutey." So the naming game was on and all sorts of names were offered.  Eventually I got tired of it and asked Deacon, "Who's your favorite superhero?" He answered, "Ironman." I suggested we rename the turtle Tony Stark and thus it was so.  The turtle now goes by "Tony Stark" "Stark" and "TS". And "Cutey" because that's what Finn likes to call him. And really, who can blame him? The turtle is rather cute:

04 July 2014

The Ford-Faesch Manor House

Happy Fourth of July all! Since most of our visitors never get to use the one gate to get on/off base, they don't usually get to see the historical Ford-Faesch Manor House.

We drive past it all the time. It looks like a cool little house but it's never been open to the public - as far as we knew about anyway. So this morning, I was online looking for possible parades (I'm not sure 4th of July parades are even really a thing, but the boys wanted to go to one). As I was searching I saw that the Ford-Faesch house would be open to the public for viewing and touring! Josh and I decided to take the boys and I'm so glad we did.

Josh and I are both history geeks, and so this was right up our alley.  In case you're wondering what the Ford-Faesch house is, here:

It's still being worked on by the historical society, but it was really neat walking around this old house, trying to imagine what life would have been like back then, in a house like that. To add to the "fun and festivites" of the day, the members of the historical society in charge of the place dressed up in period appropriate fashions.

This guy was not the best example, but apparently he's the only one I snapped a picture of.  All in all, it was a neat way to waste a little time on a holiday.