31 July 2014

So...the Rest of July Happened

Besides the Ford-Faesch Manor, and the big two boys going to camp for a week, a few other things happened this month that I thought I'd just highlight quickly before August happens.

The week before camp, the boys (and I) went to VBS at a church nearby.  It was a super fun time for the kids and I'm really impressed with this church and their program. I almost wish we weren't so committed to our chapel, or I'd seriously consider attending there. All of the kids had a blast and we already can't wait for next year!

The last night of VBS, and the day before the day before we left for camp, my friend Christina came up to spend the night and visit us once more before she moves to Hawaii. It was a great visit and we wish her luck as she heads back home. (Home being Hawaii - it's where she's from.)

OH! One day during VBS I looked out the window of the "class" I was taking and saw a mama bear with FOUR bear cubs. They were adorable! My favorite was the runt of the liter, so to speak, who kept running to keep up with his older siblings. Poor Mama Bear was lagging behind, clearly worn out by her offspring.

There was also lots of fun playing outside and just being boys.

So far, so good for this summer vacation!

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