08 July 2014

From Cutey to Tony Stark

Deacon had a birthday a few weeks ago (I promise to post about it this week, along with Finn's birthday, maybe some ball pictures, horses, and who knows what else). The week before his birthday party Josh and I went to the All Saint's Ball, and my stepdad, Pappy, babysat the boys for us.  When we got home, Pappy told us that Deacon told him that he wants a turtle for his birthday. We all laughed thinking he was being silly, but the next day, of his own accord, Deacon informed me that he told Pappy he wants a turtle for his birthday and Pappy is going to get him one. I sent a text to my sister, telling her what Deacon had said, and finished with a comment along the lines of, "If he did wind up getting a turtle for his birthday I wouldn't be angry."

Meet our new turtle:

At his birthday party, Deacon had decided to name the turtle "Cutey" because that's what my mom had been calling it for the past day. Cutey came in a tiny little thing that we decided needed to be replaced.  Thus, a few days after we got him, we got this:

Oh yes. A nice big terrarium for the newest member of the Walter family. When Cutey got his new, sweet digs, we decided that a new, sweet name was in order.  After all, if a turtle survives it's first year in the home, it'll live for a solid 30 years or so. I was pretty sure Deacon wasn't going to want to bring his turtle to college with him and have to introduce it to everyone as "Cutey." So the naming game was on and all sorts of names were offered.  Eventually I got tired of it and asked Deacon, "Who's your favorite superhero?" He answered, "Ironman." I suggested we rename the turtle Tony Stark and thus it was so.  The turtle now goes by "Tony Stark" "Stark" and "TS". And "Cutey" because that's what Finn likes to call him. And really, who can blame him? The turtle is rather cute:

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