04 July 2014

The Ford-Faesch Manor House

Happy Fourth of July all! Since most of our visitors never get to use the one gate to get on/off base, they don't usually get to see the historical Ford-Faesch Manor House.

We drive past it all the time. It looks like a cool little house but it's never been open to the public - as far as we knew about anyway. So this morning, I was online looking for possible parades (I'm not sure 4th of July parades are even really a thing, but the boys wanted to go to one). As I was searching I saw that the Ford-Faesch house would be open to the public for viewing and touring! Josh and I decided to take the boys and I'm so glad we did.

Josh and I are both history geeks, and so this was right up our alley.  In case you're wondering what the Ford-Faesch house is, here:

It's still being worked on by the historical society, but it was really neat walking around this old house, trying to imagine what life would have been like back then, in a house like that. To add to the "fun and festivites" of the day, the members of the historical society in charge of the place dressed up in period appropriate fashions.

This guy was not the best example, but apparently he's the only one I snapped a picture of.  All in all, it was a neat way to waste a little time on a holiday.

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