13 May 2015

Finn's Five!

You guys, my baby turned 5 last week. I know I ask this almost every time one of them has a birthday, but how did this happen?! How did we go from this:

to this:


At his doctor's appointment on Monday, Finn weighed in at 46 pounds (90%) and measured at 44 1/2 inches tall (80-85%).  Finn informed me the day after his birthday that he is now big and strong, and no longer a little kid. He's totally right and it almost made me cry right then and there. 

Finn is such a great kid. I know every mother says that about all of her kids, but Finn really takes the cake. He's so smart, and so funny. I hope his kindergarten teacher is mentally prepared for him, because when he starts school in the fall, it is going to be something to behold. Kindergarten will also be a HUGE adjustment for Finn and for me, as he's been at home with me for the past 5 years, essentially enjoying my undivided attention as we hang out at home or run errands or go to Bible study. I'm thinking it's going to be harder on me, losing my little buddy. But that is a topic for another time!

Finn is SUPER into Peanuts right now. He walks around quoting Charlie Brown all the time. "Good grief." "I can't stand it." Good grief, I can't stand it either. He also LOVES to read. He may not read as much as Zeke does, but he never goes to bed with less than 10 books spread out around him. Finn loves being outdoors and he loves water in all its forms: baths, showers, pools, oceans, rain puddles, hoses, rain, faucets, etc. When the pediatrician asked him what his favorite food is he answered, "Nutella." She said that was the first time she's ever heard that response. (That's my boy!) Finn loves hanging out with his brothers, even though they don't often enjoy his company. He likes to play plants vs. zombies, but he'd rather act it out and envision it all in his head, than sit and play it on the iPad or kindle. Not that he's opposed to playing the video game version, he just really enjoys playing his own renditions of it. 

On Finn's actual birthday we had tacos and "cheese bells" (a. it was his choice, b. it was Cinco de Mayo) for dinner, then some brownies for dessert which we put candles in and sang over. 

This past Saturday we had family and friends over to celebrate the boy. It was a beautiful day, and Finn was spoiled rotten. It was a really great time and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  

I've really enjoyed watching this boy grow, and I'm excited to continue to do so. He frustrates me to the point of pulling out my hair one second, then has me doubled over in laughter the next. Finn is going to do some mighty things in this world, and I cannot wait to see what they are.  I love you, Finn! Happy Birthday.