29 September 2007

Round Two...

So, this past week (from last Friday to this past Wednesday), we had more visitors here in the Walter home. My dad, stepmom, and step-grandmom came out for a nice little visit, and boy did we have a good time. Zeke had a blast playing with everyone and "talking" their ears off. Deacon enjoyed being held all the time and seeing new faces and hearing new voices. We are so thankful for their visit and are now getting ready for and looking forward to round three of visitors - Josh's mom, who will be out here next week for a few days.

18 September 2007

So it was an exciting weekend here at the Walter house. Okay, it was a weekend really like any other weekend, however, Zeke was in rare form as you can see by the pictures below.
Here we see that Zeke found a new way to get water all over the bathroom at bathtime.
How great that he's not even in the tub yet.

Sunday, I took the boys to the Scheisshaus for dinner since it was such a nice night. Our friends Sara and Jacob joined us and we had a great time. And, as you can see by the picture below, Zeke was in rock heaven...what you can't tell from this picture, though, is that not only is his lap full of rocks, but his diaper is as well. Oh yeah!

Have no fear though, I did pictures of the rock diaper and when I get some time I will post those to my bebo page, along with more pictures of Zeke playing in the water and of his new table and one of the boys after church this past Sunday. Until then...
(oh, and Deacon slept for nine straight hours the night of his doctor's appointment. i guess not taking two naps and doing all that crying really wore him out.)

14 September 2007

So my sweet, sweet baby boy, Deacon, had his two month well-baby appointment today. Have I told you all how much I hate the health clinic here? I really don't like to use the word hate, because I feel that too many people use it too loosely for the intense word that it is, but I HATE that place. Anyhoo...the appointment itself went well. Developmentally he's exactly where he should be, he weighed in at 13 pounds and just over 24 inches - that puts him in the 90% or so for both. Hopefully it'll last. :) Everyone cooed over him and just couldn't get over how cute his is and how much hair he has. Then they stuck him with a bunch of needles and he's been not so cute ever since. Okay, he did sleep for about an hour since then, and we did have a few sweet smiley moments after I fed him, but now he's laying in his bed (only because I can't hold him anymore right now) screaming. Poor baby. I wish there was something I could do to ease his pain, but he's got a bit longer to go before I can give him more Tylenol. Hopefully he'll settle down after I feed him one more time and fall asleep for the night. I guess we'll see...

12 September 2007

Company Kick-off

This past week, Josh's sister, Linda, came to visit the boys and me (yay!), kicking off the spree of company we will be having over the next two months. We had such a great time! We went out to eat, went to and hosted Bible studies, ate a bunch of ice cream and tasty meals, watched a lot of House, Season 3, and really just hung out around the house. Aunt Linda even became a master at diaper changing (yes!). We'll definitely miss her, but not for too long as round two is just around the corner...

01 September 2007


So, to help distinguish the week from the weekend now that Daddy's gone, I started making chocolate chip pancakes for the Z-man and myself. Yum! Today, to add to this special treat, I decided to set up breakfast at the breakfast bar we have instead of eating at the table. I think Zeke really enjoyed it.