21 April 2014

Easter Break

This year we spent most of Spring Break hanging out around the house and actually taking a break from all things. No school, no homework, no Bible study, no work, no mandatory fun time, just relaxing and taking it easy. It was really nice.  We did take the boys out one day to spice things up a little. Where did we go you may be asking? 

We went to Space Farms! It's this neat (and sort of weird) zoo a little bit north from us. Admission is paid for in this house that has dead animals all over the place for decoration. You can upstairs to the "museum" which is just collections of some really weird things, but also a few really cool things. The old guns, and gramophones, and things like that were really very cool. The old dolls and different animals (or just parts of animals) in jars of liquid were creeeeeepy. You almost couldn't get away from it and back outside fast enough. 

So this farm is privately run, I believe, so it's kind of a random place. There are old barns filled with old vehicles or toys or what-have-yous, as well as lions and bears and an assortment of other animals. There was gumball machines around filled with animal feed that you could put a quarter in and get some kernels to feed some animals. OR, you could do what we did and just pick up kernels off the ground and feed those to the animals for free! (Yeah, we're slightly ghetto, it's all good.)

There's a playground on the premises as well.

All in all though, it was a really fun afternoon, and we all had a really good time.

The other super fun thing we did over Spring Break was go down to Josh's parents house for Easter. We went down on Saturday and spent the night. Josh's sister and nephew had spent Friday night there, so we got to hang out with them all day Saturday, doing things like going to the beach and dying Easter eggs.

Cousins are so much fun!

Easter morning the boys checked out their baskets, we all went to church, then after lunch and naps the boys went on an Easter egg hunt.

Obviously it was a really fun time. After dinner it was time to hit the road and head back home and back to life. Spring Break was over and it was time to get ready for school and work and the like to start back up again.

13 April 2014

Teach a Boy to Fish...

This year Josh decided it was high time our boys learned to fish. Thus we found ourselves at the sporting goods store buying some poles for the boys while Josh was there to get his fishing license:

The following day was the first day of fishing season so Josh went out by himself as early as he was legally allowed to and caught these guys:

Later that day the 5 of us plus Tante (my sister Kirsten) went out to see what we could catch. Finn was the first one to catch a fish! It was a dead fish that he caught with the net, but it was a fish nonetheless.

He looks a little grumpy because he had fallen off the "dock" into a sticker bush right before I took this picture.

We all had a fun time fishing.

Eventually Finn got bored and I took him back to play in the "big sand box" (sand volley ball court):

A few days later we were out there again:

And again, Finn got bored first and went to play in the sand, this time accompanied by Deacon.

I hope this is the beginning of a life-long hobby, especially since Josh enjoys doing it so much. It'll be a nice thing for him and his boys to have. 

05 April 2014

The Home Depot - Who Knew?

This morning we went to The Home Depot for some gardening stuff. While we were there one of their employees told us that they had a kid program going on where they could build something and get a little Home Depot apron. Intrigued, we walked over to where he said it was and found a good sized group of people making bird feeders. We decided, "Why not?" I signed up the boys while Josh found spots for them and away we went, hammering and gluing to their hearts content.

There was also 1 table set up to paint the projects, but it was really crowded and I was losing my patience so Deacon painted a little, while the other 2 finished building. We decided to paint the rest of them at home another time. On our way out, we saw the principal of the boys' school and it was like spotting a celebrity. They were so excited to see and talk to him. He's really a great man.

After we finished at The Home Depot we went over to Dick's so Josh could get his fishing license and so all 4 boys could get new fishing poles:

And to think, all of this was just this morning. Who knows what all this afternoon will hold? Actually, I do. Deacon has a birthday party that Josh is taking him to, and my sister is coming up for a sleepover. Let the good times roll!

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