05 April 2014

The Home Depot - Who Knew?

This morning we went to The Home Depot for some gardening stuff. While we were there one of their employees told us that they had a kid program going on where they could build something and get a little Home Depot apron. Intrigued, we walked over to where he said it was and found a good sized group of people making bird feeders. We decided, "Why not?" I signed up the boys while Josh found spots for them and away we went, hammering and gluing to their hearts content.

There was also 1 table set up to paint the projects, but it was really crowded and I was losing my patience so Deacon painted a little, while the other 2 finished building. We decided to paint the rest of them at home another time. On our way out, we saw the principal of the boys' school and it was like spotting a celebrity. They were so excited to see and talk to him. He's really a great man.

After we finished at The Home Depot we went over to Dick's so Josh could get his fishing license and so all 4 boys could get new fishing poles:

And to think, all of this was just this morning. Who knows what all this afternoon will hold? Actually, I do. Deacon has a birthday party that Josh is taking him to, and my sister is coming up for a sleepover. Let the good times roll!

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