13 April 2014

Teach a Boy to Fish...

This year Josh decided it was high time our boys learned to fish. Thus we found ourselves at the sporting goods store buying some poles for the boys while Josh was there to get his fishing license:

The following day was the first day of fishing season so Josh went out by himself as early as he was legally allowed to and caught these guys:

Later that day the 5 of us plus Tante (my sister Kirsten) went out to see what we could catch. Finn was the first one to catch a fish! It was a dead fish that he caught with the net, but it was a fish nonetheless.

He looks a little grumpy because he had fallen off the "dock" into a sticker bush right before I took this picture.

We all had a fun time fishing.

Eventually Finn got bored and I took him back to play in the "big sand box" (sand volley ball court):

A few days later we were out there again:

And again, Finn got bored first and went to play in the sand, this time accompanied by Deacon.

I hope this is the beginning of a life-long hobby, especially since Josh enjoys doing it so much. It'll be a nice thing for him and his boys to have. 

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