13 May 2015

Finn's Five!

You guys, my baby turned 5 last week. I know I ask this almost every time one of them has a birthday, but how did this happen?! How did we go from this:

to this:


At his doctor's appointment on Monday, Finn weighed in at 46 pounds (90%) and measured at 44 1/2 inches tall (80-85%).  Finn informed me the day after his birthday that he is now big and strong, and no longer a little kid. He's totally right and it almost made me cry right then and there. 

Finn is such a great kid. I know every mother says that about all of her kids, but Finn really takes the cake. He's so smart, and so funny. I hope his kindergarten teacher is mentally prepared for him, because when he starts school in the fall, it is going to be something to behold. Kindergarten will also be a HUGE adjustment for Finn and for me, as he's been at home with me for the past 5 years, essentially enjoying my undivided attention as we hang out at home or run errands or go to Bible study. I'm thinking it's going to be harder on me, losing my little buddy. But that is a topic for another time!

Finn is SUPER into Peanuts right now. He walks around quoting Charlie Brown all the time. "Good grief." "I can't stand it." Good grief, I can't stand it either. He also LOVES to read. He may not read as much as Zeke does, but he never goes to bed with less than 10 books spread out around him. Finn loves being outdoors and he loves water in all its forms: baths, showers, pools, oceans, rain puddles, hoses, rain, faucets, etc. When the pediatrician asked him what his favorite food is he answered, "Nutella." She said that was the first time she's ever heard that response. (That's my boy!) Finn loves hanging out with his brothers, even though they don't often enjoy his company. He likes to play plants vs. zombies, but he'd rather act it out and envision it all in his head, than sit and play it on the iPad or kindle. Not that he's opposed to playing the video game version, he just really enjoys playing his own renditions of it. 

On Finn's actual birthday we had tacos and "cheese bells" (a. it was his choice, b. it was Cinco de Mayo) for dinner, then some brownies for dessert which we put candles in and sang over. 

This past Saturday we had family and friends over to celebrate the boy. It was a beautiful day, and Finn was spoiled rotten. It was a really great time and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.  

I've really enjoyed watching this boy grow, and I'm excited to continue to do so. He frustrates me to the point of pulling out my hair one second, then has me doubled over in laughter the next. Finn is going to do some mighty things in this world, and I cannot wait to see what they are.  I love you, Finn! Happy Birthday.

10 March 2015

It's Almost Time!

About 10 years ago or so, I started reading this blog called Go Fug Yourself, where two women, Heather and Jessica, write about what celebrities wear out and about. They're super snarky and it's fun to read. In 2008 they started doing Fug Madness, a sort of "who was the worst dressed celebrity this past year" competition that lines up with the basketball March Madness competition. (You can click here to read all about what Fug Madness is and how it all works and what's it if you're interested.)

I started playing along at home, printing and filling out brackets, voting, keeping score and all that jazz. After a year or two I started making Josh "play" with me - because it's more fun that way. Then, two years ago, Josh was filling out his brackets at work when 2 women in his office say him, asked him about it and decided to play along as well.

Last year's Fug Madness it all came together though. Josh, the 2 women from his office, one of my sisters, Josh's sister, and me all played and took it to another level. First, there was a $10 buy-in last year. All of the money collected was donated to World Vision. We supplied books, uniforms and shoes to children in India. Last year we also introduced The Trophy:

It reads:
Fug Madness
Reigning Champion

Isn't it glorious? Here's how it works. Everyone turns in their brackets (and money) to me, once they're filled out. I then keep score throughout the tournament and email everyone at the end of each round what the current standings are (then sit back and enjoy the smack talking that follows). At the end of the competition, a new winner is "crowned" and The Trophy is handed over to the victor. Last year, our first winner was Sylvia from Josh's office!

Isn't she adorable?! This year the brackets should be up on Friday and I'm so excited. Hence this post that most of you probably won't care about - at least not as much as I care. And that's okay. However, if you DO care and you want to play this year, let me know. We'd love to have you along for this crazy ride!

04 March 2015

Winter Doldrums

I know I haven't posted in over a month. I'm blaming it on the weather. It's been so cold and/or snowy for so long I just haven't been able to find the motivation to sit at my computer and blog. A big part of that is the fact that my computer is stationed right next to the stairs and the cold draft that comes up the stairs has kept me at bay. Huh. I just looked down the stairs and I think there's a carrot in the lamp? 

Anyway. Because it's been so cold/snowy nothing has happened here. Which is another reason I haven't had the desire to sit down and blog. There's nothing to blog about. The boys did have a school concert last week that was ADORABLE. But I mostly took videos because I was in the way back of the gym and the pictures I did take look like this:

Each grade (K-3) wore a different color and then sang songs involving those colors. Adorable.

Mostly though it's been snow and cold, cold and snow. School and work and Bible study and chapel. Josh has also been gone, working in DC since the end of October. Sure he's come home most weekends, but I've been so worn out trying to keep up with the boys and everything else, that blogging fell by the wayside. I'm not sure when I'll get back here again, but I wanted you to know we are all still alive and doing well, even if we (read: I) are (am) getting tired of the white stuff and are SUPER ready for Spring. I mean, it's not like we're in Alaska anymore people. 

29 January 2015

This Is My Life...With Finn

On Monday, Finn and I braved Shoprite to gather some things before Snowmageddon hit, and two Latina ladies walked past chatting. Finn looked up at me and said, "Those two were talking crazy!" I replied, "No, honey. They were talking in Spanish."

*     *     *     *     *

This is a picture of someone saying, "NO!"

*     *     *     *     *

I tweeted this picture already, but I love that he sleeps with books
the way most kids sleep with stuffed animals.

*     *     *     *     *

As you may or may not know, Finn has a very good friend named Charlotte. Char and Finn are great fun to watch interact. Don't be surprised when they get married to each other some day. Now, because Charlotte takes dance classes Friday mornings, Finn decided HE wants to take dance classes on Friday mornings. The first time we took him, he HATED it. When Christine (Charlotte's mom) asked Finn what he thought of dance class his response was literally a growl.
"Finn, what did you think of dance class?"
So, we dropped it until a few weeks later when he insisted on going again and he LOVES it now. All of this is to set up part of a conversation overheard on the way home from dance this past week.
Finn: That's hurting my brain!
Charlotte: That hurts MY feelings!
Oh yes, we can hear the wedding bells already.

*     *     *     *     *

He has decided to be like me and wear a scarf on occasion.
Of course, his favorite is the frilly purple one.

*     *     *     *     *

He has taken to calling me "My Darling" lately. He also says "You're welcome" when he should be saying "Thank you." So, if you compliment him like, "Hey Finn, great job building that block tower!" He will respond, "You're welcome." My favorite example of both things happened the other day (week?). He had finished pooping and needed help wiping. As I was wiping his butt I said, "Wow Finn, that's a big poop!" To which he replied, "You're welcome, My Darling!"

*     *     *     *     *
He's still trying to master putting on his own coat.
This happens more times than he'd probably like me to say.

*     *     *     *     *

This is a picture of Finn riding on his own motorcycle.
The black splotch is his helmet. Safety first!

*     *     *     *     *

Yesterday, as we were cleaning up after Bible study, I looked up and Finn was standing in the middle of the chapel, by the pews, with his pants around his knees. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "My penis keeps falling out of my underwear pants." Oh, how my friends who were still there giggled. But I fixed him up, pulled up his pants and moved on with what I was doing.

Later that evening, Finn went upstairs to get ready for bed, but then came down (to talk to Josh on the phone) with new underpants on, but he had them on backwards. I asked him if that's so his penis doesn't fall out anymore and he said yes. So then Deacon said, "But now your butt might fall out!" A look of horror flashed across Finn's face and his hand flew to his butt to check it out. He was relieved to find his button was, in fact, still fully covered.

And this is pretty much every day. I love this kid and I will be pretty sad when he goes to kindergarten next year. He really does keep things interesting and he truly makes me laugh.

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