19 August 2015

Walterland: Virginia, is Open For Business!

Hey all! What a summer we have been having over here. Obviously the biggest thing that happened (besides my sister, Katherine, giving birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever!) is that we moved from New Jersey to Virginia. We got down here on August 1st, and after receiving our stuff the 4th, we are FINALLY unpacked and settled. Sure, there are few things left to hang on the walls here and there, but I decided enough was enough, and it's enough to get me back here to show off some pics of our new place, and maybe even entice a few of you to come visit? Anyhoo, on to the tour!

The front of the house:

Nice, right?

Here's our crazy front door:

It's just one big knob. What?

As you step through the front door you will find a tiny bathroom on your left (Josh loves it because he says it makes him feel like a giant) and a closet on your right (they're swapped in the pic because I took it from the other side so you could see the doors):

From this entryway you come to the rest of the house. Let's go upstairs first since it's really just bedrooms and closets.

So, you go up the stairs and then there's the boys' bathroom (no pic - it's a bathroom), Deacon's room:

Finn's room:

Zeke's room:

then our room:

Our room has a pretty sweet bathroom, with a rain shower (that's the shower head coming out of the ceiling):

Josh LOVES the rain shower because it allows his 6'4 body to stand up straight in the shower instead of having to bend at awkward angles to get all the shampoo off his head and what's it. 

There's also two linen closets on this floor.  Now let's head back down to the main floor.

As you come in the house and turn left, you enter our dining room. 

It's sort of plain at the moment, but soon the walls will be covered with the boys' artwork and that'll be fabulous.  From the dining room you enter the tiny kitchen.

I seriously feel like I'm back in Germany some days. Christine proposed the idea that most families living in these houses are dual income families and so no one really cooks, which means the kitchens aren't that important to them. I think she's on to something. It does have a nice pantry though:

Next to the kitchen is some space where we stuck the breakfast table and Tony Stark.

And seriously you guys, Tony couldn't be happier there. He's been basking and doing yoga poses all over the place.

Next to the Tiny Terror of the Terrarium (my nickname for the turtle sometimes) is our living room.

The living room has two doors that lead out onto our tri-level deck:

which leads to our backyard (view from the doors):

Back between the kitchen and the dining room is the door to the garage (no pics because it's a garage). From the garage is a door also leading to the deck, but more specifically, to the grilling deck. This deck has a thing to hook up the grill to the natural gas in the house, so you never have to buy propane tanks. How cool is that?!

Back inside. Next to our living room, or if you made a right instead of a left upon entering the house, is our library:


This is also the home of Josh's legos (which are still being unpacked):

Now, back to the kitchen. Across from the garage door is the basement door, and the basement looks like this:

Needless to say, this is where the boys spend almost all of their time. There's also a bathroom down here, and the laundry/storage room. The basement also has double doors that lead out into the yard.

And that, as they say, is that.  Anyone up for a road trip now?

30 June 2015

Deacon Disaster

You guys, Deacon turned 8! As per usual now, we celebrated his birthday in two waves.

Wave One was the family (and friend) party. We had everyone over to the house for burgers and dogs, cake and ice pops, presents and hanging out. This year Deacon invited a school friend, Sean, to come over as well. 

We had a really great time, and were so happy to have spent the day with loved ones.

Wave Two was on his actual birthday. This year, we switched it up a bit and went mini-golfing! 

After a grueling game of golf, we got some McDonalds for dinner, which we ate at home while I made Deacon's special birthday treat - cinnamon buns!

He opened his presents from us that morning, and was pretty well pleased (if his face is to be believed).

When I took Deacon to his yearly check up he weighed in at 61.6 pounds (69%) and measured in at 52 inches (75%). The doctor was impressed to see that Deacon had grown a full 3 inches this past year! They're all getting too big. Is there no way to stop this?!

Deacon is such a fun kid. Josh and I were discussing recently how much Deacon's personality is like Josh's. They both always think they're right and will make sure you agree with them in that. They both will call you out if you make any sort of mistake. They are both day dreamers who prefer to spend time by themselves. They're both artistic people who love to build and are really rather hilarious. It's been so much fun watching this boy grow up, and I'm really looking forward to seeing just what he'll do/say/be next. 

I love you, Deacon! Happy Birthday!

24 June 2015

We Will Miss This School

The last day of school was today. As excited I am for summer vacation and all that it holds, I'm a little sad. Since we're moving this summer, today was the last day we will be at the school the kids have been attending here. It's been such a wonderful place to us - great teachers, a wonderful principal, and an amazing speech therapist. I'm sad to be leaving them.

On the 12th, the 3rd grade had a Flat Stanley Day where each class presented a song (or two) from (or about) different places around the world. Afterwards the kids were broken up into groups and did presentations on whichever continent they had been assigned. Zeke did a sweet weather report for Perth, Australia.

The best part was that my sister, Kirsten, was there! (She had come up to babysit for the weekend as we had a wedding and what's it to attend.)

Last week the boys had an award ceremony. They each got an award! Deacon got one for reading:

Zeke got one for math ("I killed my multiplication facts!" he said):

I'm really very proud of both of them.

Yesterday was the day for class parties, and since it was the end of the school year and he's essentially the size of most of the kids in Deacon's class, I brought Finn with me.

He just sat himself down next to Deacon, kicked off his flip flops and made himself at home, fitting right in.

And now, it's over. Take a look at my (now) 4th grader and my 3rd grader, and compare them to how they looked in the beginning of the year.

My, my, how time does fly!

18 June 2015

I Have No Real Title For This One

In case you haven't noticed, I've been pretty bad about blogging the past year and a half to two years. Once Zeke and Deacon started going to school full time, our days have pretty much been variations of the same thing - and that's not really anything worth writing about. I've also been super lazy about dealing with my pictures, so that has also hindered any blog-worthy writing. All of this is to say that over the past few weeks I have been working on it. I have been labeling and sorting and flickr'ing pictures. I have also been back blogging post meaning I've been writing posts and back dating them for when they should have been written based on what pictures I have from when. It's...been a process.

I am happy to say that as of right now though, I have labeled and sorted all of my pictures to date. June isn't finished because, well, June itself isn't finished. But everything up through May of 2014 is finished! Not only that, but I have put on flickr all of my pictures through 2014! I have also finished back-blogging through May of 2014! I'm using exclamation points because I'm trying to keep myself excited about my progress so I'll keep working on this while I have momentum going! I really want to get it all finished before we move next month. Did I mention anywhere that we're moving next month? Mayhaps I should tweet that later?

While I've been going through past things, I've noticed a few things that I thought I'd share here while I'm just rambling anyway.

One: I never did a picture comparison of the 3 boys when Finn turned 5. So, here it is.
Zeke (41 1/2 pounds, 44 inches)

Deacon (46 pounds; 43 1/2 inches)

Finn (46 pounds; 44 1/2 inches)

Two: Deacon has gown (aged?) quite a bit in the last year. I came across this picture from last Easter and just look at that sweet "baby" face!

Look at his handsome, not-so-baby face now!

He changed that much in ONE YEAR! What?!?!

Three: I have taken WAY less pictures the past 6 months or so than I ever have. for February of 2015, I have 16 pictures. February of 2013, I have 70 pictures. March 2015 - 12 pictures. TWELVE! March 2014 - 82. One more example, April 2015 - 24 pictures. April 2013? 134! Take into consideration how much easier it is to take pictures these days since I can take them on my phone instead of lugging around my big old camera, and it's really quite the...thing, for lack of a better word.

Anyhoo. It's been fun, and tiring at the same time. I have done rather a large bit of work, yet I still have a large bit to go. Which is my way of saying I'd better get back at it before I have to get the boys from school. I've also been knitting and crocheting a BUNCH of stuff. Maybe I'll write a post about that some time soon?