28 August 2009

No Nose Knows Like Mom's Nose Knows

So, I was getting dressed this morning in my bedroom while the boys were eating cereal and playing with their train tracks in the living room. In the four minutes it took me to get dressed, one of them had pooped. I knew one of them did because I could smell it as soon as I walked into the living room. So I said, "Okay, someone is stinky. Who is it?" Zeke looked at me and said, "Dee Dee stinky." I took another whiff of the room, and said to him, "Are you sure, Zeke? That smells more like your "brand" of poop-stink." And sure enough, it was Zeke who had pooped.

Do you think it means anything that I can determine which of my kids pooped based solely on the odor filling the room?


Sara said...

Makes perfect sense to me. I could always tell which of my sibs had been in the bathroom last, lol.

JStar said...

Ah yes, the poop smell. Sammie has been sleeping in our room lately and the other night when i went to bed, I opened up the door to a giant whiff of poop. Awesome. She had filled up her entire diaper in her sleep. Gross.

Anyway, I went to our first MOPs meeting today and there is a lady there that looks like you! I kept thinking my Beth was there, but then I realized it was someone else. So sad. Miss you!