23 September 2009

It Is NOT Called Snow

It IS called "termination dust".

What is termination dust? It is "the first, light dusting of snow; on the very tips of the mountains. It's a warning. The first, big snow is just around the corner. This of course, triggers a huge shopping frenzy" (from some Alaska slang website I found). Why am I bringing this up now? Funny you should ask. Ask I was sitting here doing up yesterday's post, this happened right out my window:

Yep. Termination dust has hit the mountains right across the river from us, as if to say, "Oh, the first day of fall was this week? Hahahaha. We'll see about that." I guess it's time to start looking into snow tires and parking in the garage. Ahh...Alaska, what an adventure you are turning out to be.


Ells said...

So glad you have a garage! You and Josh are going to be quite the survivalists after this assignment. Rain of Germany, heat of OK, snow of AK. What could possibly be next? Geckos of HI?

Will you participate in the shopping frenzy?

Anonymous said...

Will you have to build a "cache" to prepare for the abruptly coming winter? lol


JStar said...

Wowzers! Isn't that something Inspector Gadget used to say? Wowzers!? Anyway, go stock up on the necessities! I dont' want you guys getting snowed in without the mac n cheese and hotdogs!

Anna Childress said...

Yes, I can't wait to hear what comes out of your fingers as you adventure through your first Alaskan winter!