22 February 2013

Slightly Spoiled but Super Sweet

The other night at Bible study one of my friends said how much her teenage son gets a kick out Finn.  She said how her son just adores Finn.  I chuckled and said, "There are few who don't adore that boy." For example, the morning bus driver.  Yesterday she sweetly allowed Finn (and me) to get on the bus, take a seat, and then she drove us home.  Clearly, the little man was THRILLED by this:

This morning the bus pulled up, Zeke, Deacon and Thomas got on the bus, and Finn immediately followed.  The bus driver laughed as I tried to pull him off.  I told her he's going to expect to be driven home every day now, which made her laugh even harder as she said, "I guess I opened a whole new can of worms."  She then graciously let us on again and drove us home again (which, I'm not going to lie, I was pretty happy about too as it was super cold this morning and 30 seconds on a warm bus is nicer than 60 seconds walking on the cold sidewalk). Hopefully he'll forget all about this over the weekend, but I highly doubt it.  Has a mind like a steel trap that one does.
Aaaaaand, that's my story and my blog post today.
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