26 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a day!

Once again, Josh let me sleep in a little in the morning. I overheard him and Zeke getting some things for dinner together, and I really wanted to get up and take some pictures, but I didn't want to interrupt their bonding time, so I stayed in bed. But once I got up, we hung out for a bit then flicked back and forth between the parade and the Lions/Patriots football game. They both ended just in time for lunch and naps.

After naps it was go, go, go while we got dinner ready and on the table. We really made way too much food for just the 4 (5 if you count Finn) of us, but it was all so good. There was stuffing and green bean casserole. There was mashed potatoes that Deacon helped peel:

There was cranberry sauce (two different varieties) and gravy. There were biscuits (we tried to make bread in our bread machine but something went terribly awry and the bread didn't really turn out...sad) and pickles and squash. And, of course, there was the turkey, which Josh cooked in the turkey fryer this year, and man was it delicious!

As I said, way too much food, but it was all so good. We have truly been blessed this past year, and we are so thankful for so much. Before we started eating, we all took turns saying some of the things we are thankful for. After we finished, Zeke decided to recap, and here's what he got from it: Daddy is thankful for Zeke. Mommy is thankful for Jesus. Zeke is thankful for family. Deacon is thankful for milk. And Finn isn't thankful because he's too little. Heh heh. Finn wasn't too little, however, to taste a few of the goodies we made:

After dinner there was chocolate cake, baths, and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on TV. All in all it was a very low key day, which really was very nice. Oh! It also been snowing all. day. long, and has dropped about 4-6 inches so far. And since I posted a picture of everyone else, here's one of me to close the post:

I hope everyone else had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


Ginny said...

Beth, I am so glad you posted your picture. You look fantastic and so very happy. Loved all your pictures; Josh with the turkey and the boys. I felt a little envious of your quiet day, just the five of you, the snow falling, and all that thankfulness. I am very happy for you and how nicely your life is going at this time.

Nicole and Chris said...

Wow, I love the way that you cook and clean as you go. LOL. And your as beautiful as ever!