14 November 2010

Movie Time

Almost every night we put on a movie for Zeke and Deacon. It's really the only time they sit still for any length of time, so it's our way of "calming them down" before bed. Of course, some movies (The Chipmunks) rile them up instead, but for the most part, it works. And yes, Daddy usually undoes it all when he puts the boys in bed, but that's just good fun.

Usually, when it's movie time, the boys will both climb into the big blue chair and watch the movie together. Like so:

However, while boys are getting bigger, the chair is not. And I've been wondering lately, as it gets tighter and tighter there, what they'll do. I'll admit, I was a little sad at the thought of them no longer sitting together while they watch their movies.

Apparently, I've been getting sad for no good reason:

They'll just move over to the couch! This makes me happy for two reasons. One, now they'll still sit with each other to watch movies (when they want to - and they don't always want to). Two, on the couch, there will be plenty of room for Finn when he's big enough to join them. Assuming they let him, of course.

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