03 November 2010

"Under Cover" Baby

I think Finn has a little bit of a blanket fetish. As soon as I put him in bed, he immediately grabs the two blankets that are in there, one with each hand. With his right hand, he grabs the blanket I made for him and pulls it up to his cheek. With his left hand, he grabs the big, soft blanket we got from a lady I knit with, and pulls it up onto his face. And this happens almost every single time. I think it's rather cute. More often than not, it leads to him sleeping like this:

Or, like this:

Josh's mom made Finn a beautiful quilt. It's a little big for the pack-n-play he's sleeping in, but it's really lovely, so I have it hanging over the side of his bed. This blanket also provides much entertainment for Finn. He enjoys pulling it away from the end of the bed, and hiding behind it. Kind of like this:

Of coures, sometimes he gets "lost" behind that blanket, which leads to times like this :

Sweet boy. I would like to point out two things about this video before I go. One, if you listen closely once he stops crying, you can hear his new sound. It's sort of a "choo choo choo", kind of like the sound Deacon makes when he's shooting his laser Buzz Lightyear style. Two, that smile at the end? Yeah, that's the smile I get just about every time I get him up from bed. I love that smile.

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