17 November 2010

I Want To Show You Something

Actually, I want to show you 2 things actually. They both "concern" Josh.

The first thing I want to show you is this:

This is a collection of black socks. All of those socks are Josh's. All of those socks have been worn at least once. All of those socks are just laying there, in front of the closet. I bring this up for 2 reasons. One, why are they just laying there? Why haven't they been put into the laundry basket if they're dirty? If they aren't dirty enough for the basket yet, then why are there so many of them laying around? Two, when they lay there, in front of the closet like that, it gets annoying after awhile because the closet door opens over them, but then 1 or 2 of them get stuck in the closet door as I close it. Every time. (And yes, this is me asking Josh to do SOMETHING PLEASE with those socks in a somewhat passive aggressive manner. I love you babe!)

The second thing I want to show you is this:

I have finished Josh's Green Lantern hat! When I finished Deacon's Iron Man hat, Josh decided that he had to have a hat too, and that he wanted his hat to be green and black and have the Green Lantern symbol on it. Okay. I decided, however, that the Green Lantern symbol was not one I wanted to tango with, so I went ahead and ordered a patch online that I sewed onto the rim of his hat. I'm pretty pleased with the end result. Now it's on to the next one...


Meagan said...

It is because "black socks never get dirty...the longer you wear them the blacker they get...sometimes I think I should wash them but something keeps telling me no no not yet"!

Julie the Army Wife said...

They are there for the same reason we always have laundry on our floor just a couple feet from the laundry basket...lol