16 November 2010

Nice, Deacon.

This morning I brought a basket of clean laundry up to put away. As I brought it up, Finn woke up from his morning nap so I put the basket on the chair in the living room and proceeded to get Finn up and fed. As I was feeding Finn his cereal and fruit mix, Deacon "found" the laundry basket and said, "You wear on you belly, Momma?" I looked up and saw Deacon holding my bra. "Yes" I replied, then asked him to put it back in the basket.

Deacon looked at me, looked at the bra, looked at the basket and said, "No, Mommy. It's like Wall-E." He then put the bra over his face like Wall-E does in the movie and said, in his best Wall-E impersonation (which is actually pretty good), "Whoa!"

Then he put it back and went on his merry way.


Sara said...

:D love it! "Whoa!"

Niki said...

Hahaha! That's one for his yearbook or future girlfriends!