30 November 2010

He Only Broke 2 Lights In the Process

Ever since Halloween, Zeke has been asking to put up our Christmas tree. See, many of the houses around here decorated their houses for Halloween, usually involving lights of some sort on their houses and yards. Zeke equated these lights with Christmas lights, and Christmas lights with Christmas trees. I told him that first was Daddy's birthday, then Halloween. After Halloween was Thanksgiving, then we could put up the Christmas tree. So in Zeke's head, the day after Thanksgiving was the day the tree was going up, and up it went that Friday. The only thing was, all the lights from last year that were on the tree didn't work. Sad. Thus, Josh and I spent a good deal of time the next two days pulling off an entire trash bag's worth of lights from the tree.

Yesterday Josh went shopping (during his lunch time, which he hates doing since the gate getting on and off of post is a mess at that time) for new lights for the tree. And a staple gun. He got some other things too, but the tree lights and the staple gun are all you need to be concerned with for the purposes of this blog post. So Josh bought lights yesterday, and last night we put them up on the tree. And by we, I mean Josh and the boys. I sat on the couch watching and knitting and taking pictures.

After the tree was all lit up, Josh decided to hang up a strand of white lights we had. This is where the staple gun comes into play. After wearing himself out the other day hanging up lights in the play room/Finn's room with a hammer and nails, Josh decided a staple gun was the way to go from now on for hanging up Christmas lights. So, he go out his gun, loaded it up, and stapled away. This is when he broke the 2 lights. Trying to the staple gun to staple through thicker parts of the wall (I guess) he shattered 1 light over by the couch, and a second light while doing the octagon window. The light he shattered by the window is the most impressive one as he not only shattered the glass, but part of the plastic base that holds the light. Wow. But's all finished and I think the room looks great.

I tried to get a good picture of the lights on our tree because they are groovy. They are so bold and bright (and there are purple lights!). They remind me of something that I can't quite put my finger on, and they remind Josh of a German discothèque/tattoo parlor combination. Not that such a beast really exists, but there you have it. I couldn't really get a decent picture, I think, but what I did get is up on flickr, so you'll have to pop over there if you want.

Anyway, the tree is up. The inside lights are up. The nativity set pieces are sprawled all over the floor. The cat has taken up his post under the tree.

Yep, it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas here.


Shadowbreeze said...

Hmmm, the purple lights do sound interesting...and bold and bright are always a good thing too! Would you happen to know the manufacturer of said lights? :) I think it's time for a new string or two of my own.

Beth said...

SHADOW!! It's nice to know you're still alive. :)

The lights are made by GE, and they are energy smart LED crystal minature lights. Josh got them at Lowes (I believe).

Shadowbreeze said...

Yep, I'm still kicking. ;) Life has been pretty busy this past year(maybe time for a blog post about that?), but I hope things are starting to slow down just a little bit now. I do enjoy keeping up with the Walter clan and only wish I had something even half as fun to blog about! Thanks for the info about the lights, I should be able to find them now. Tell Josh I said "SVEN!!!" and I might see you guys in Azeroth sometime in the near future...maybe. :)

Shadowbreeze said...

Um, yeah, make that "SVENN!!!"... I guess I should use that big blue "PREVIEW" button down there instead of just publishing... :P