08 November 2010

Happy Birthday Josh/Daddy!

Josh's birthday was on Ocotber 29th. Sadly, he had to work all day that day, and didn't make it home until it was almost time to put the boys in bed. Happily, this gave us all day to get ourselves ready for the little celebration we had when he did get home.

We started our preparations by making cupcakes.

While the cupcakes baked, we wrapped the present.

While the cupcakes cooled, the boys took a nap. After naps though, we frosted the cupcakes.

Zeke didn't partake in the frosting of the cupcakes as he only slept the last 20 minutes of his nap that day and was a bit grumpy when I woke him up (more on that in another post).

Josh got home at 7:00. Zeke (who was feeling better by this point) insisted we put candles in all of the cupcakes. So we did.

Then we sang, blew out the candles and ate the tiny ones on the end there (I used my mini muffin pan to make them) - it was, after all, just about time to get the boys ready for and into bed.

After cupcakes Josh opened his birthday present.

Yes, that is a Big Time Rush CD. See, we watch "Penguins of Madagascar" on weekend mornings (or we did until they changed the time...grr). So every Saturday and Sunday we get to see commercials for Big Time Rush and their TV show. Every Saturday and Sunday Josh usually makes some sort of joke about how he can't wait to get their CD for Christmas. When I saw on one of their commercials that their CD was coming out in October, I figured, why wait? Don't worry, that's not all he got. His actual birthday present was a big turkey fryer that I had given him a few weeks before his birthday (and that he's already used for a fish fry...yum).

Happy Birthday Josh/Daddy! Even though you weren't there for most of it, we really enjoyed your day.


Meagan said...

I am so happy that you are blogging for the next 30 days. I love catching up with you, your hubby and you kids (and boy how they are growing!).

Childress Family said...

Happy Birthday, Josh. How old are you now?

Chris and Kim Todd said...

I hate that I didn't know about Josh's birthday, but it was great reading up on it. He's such a good Dad! I also very much enjoyed the pictures of your boys, they're very good looking boys. God bless!

Svenn said...

I am 30 years YOUNG! :)