07 November 2010

Yay For Soup!

Last night the boys and I had Chinese food for dinner. As I was getting some won ton soup for myself, I offered some to the boys. As expected, Deacon was all for having some, while Zeke wanted absolutely nothing to do with it. At some point during the meal, Zeke must have tried some of Deacon's soup because he asked for some of his own. Cool, I thought, maybe he'll start eating soup now (Zeke eating soup is my secret goal for this winter - it would make me really happy if he would start eating it with his lunch).

As I handed Zeke his bowl of won ton soup (really just the broth), he took a few bites and really didn't seem impressed. Looking at him, then at Deacon, I said, "Why don't you put some of your rice or your lo mien noodles in there?" Thrilled with this idea, the boys commenced putting everything on their plates into their bowls of soup. Not only did they enjoy adding things to their soup, but then they enjoyed eating each thing. Every time Zeke got a piece of broccoli on his spoon, he would exclaim, "Look, Mom! I found broccoli!"

I'm not holding my breath that this will lead to Zeke eating soup all the time now, but it a great first step, and we all really enjoyed dinner last night.

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