15 November 2010

Do You Like My Vest?

Back in September, we took the boys shopping at Old Navy. While we were there Josh found these faux fur vests that ON was selling. Since Deacon was standing next to him when he found them, Deacon was the lucky boy who got do don one of the vests. Being the rock star that he is, Deacon didn't mind at all. In fact, he had quite a good time strutting around the store in the vest (hence the blurriness of the photo - it's hard to nicely capture a moving model on an iPhone). I love this photo because when I look at his face, I can almost hear him saying, "That's right. I. am. GOR-GEOUS!" Add to it Zeke in the background laughing his nerdy laugh, and it's all priceless.

Another day back in September, Josh let the boys take out the umbrella. This provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment for the boys. Who knew?

And just in case you were wondering, Alaska might not be the best place for a vehicle like this:

All I can say about a car that is a giant Radio Flyer wagon is YES! Oh the things we see up here.

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Aubrey Lynn said...

I LOVE the vest! He is definitely gorgeous! The picture of them playing in the rain is so cute!