20 November 2010

Finn's Big Bath

While Josh was off, doing his big military exercise thing, I was left to do all the house and kid stuff on my own. Which is fine, he was working hard, and the boys and I had a lot of fun (most of the time anyway). One of the more tiresome times though, were bath nights. We usually give Zeke and Deacon a bath after dinner, while Finn is down for his evening rest time. Then we give Finn a bath in his own little tub after he gets up, while the boys are watching their movie. This works pretty well, except for when I'm the only adult here, and I'm exhausted by the time the movie goes in and so Finn's bath suddenly becomes so much more of a chore. Well, last Saturday I decided that Finn was big enough to bathe with his brothers, so I could knock it all out with one punch.

This being Finn's first foray into the world of big tub/big brother bath time, I obviously wanted to take some pictures. Being the only adult at home meant that those pictures would most likely be very interesting. There were some fantastic shots, and Josh enjoyed looking at them so much that he asked to make the comments for each of them. Here are the pictures I took and the comments he came up with:

"Here, Finn. It smooths and conditions."

"I mean, really? What would possess you to think this was a good idea?"

"What you do here, Deacon, is you hold him under until the bubbles stop coming up."

"And this is how you do the Heimlich maneuver."

This picture is just too much fun to caption ourselves, so we thought we'd let you play along. Share with us, in the comments section, whatever caption you would give this picture. Because I don't know about you, but I can't help but laugh just looking at it, and so many things pop into my head.


Sara said...

Haha! Looks totally familiar. Lily loves to "choke" Dave.

"Smile like you're having fun... or I'll hurt you."

Meagan said...

I am pretty sure this works just like the shampoo bottle. You just twist (ugh) this (grunt) big (humprh) round lid off and then all the gooey stuff will come leaking out.

Niki said...

This picture is hilarious! Here's my caption....
Beth: "Zeke, please remove your hands from around your brother's neck."
Zeke: "I can't Mom, my hands are stuck in his baby neck rolls". :-)

Please don't be offended by this...I LOVE a chubby baby! :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Zeke is saying:
"They say you can't return little brothers but I say you can! One is enough!"

I only say that because I know that's exactly what Sam will think if ever another child enters this house!