09 November 2010

Like A Weed!

I took Finn in for his 6 month (what?!) well baby check-up today. My sweet little bug has grown an entire 1/4 of an inch in the last month, bringing him up to 27 1/4 inches long. He has also gained an entire pound, plus 6 ounces since last month, weighing in at 19 pounds 9 ounces. I'm guessing the growth chart I've been using is a little outdated because I've been charting him around the 90th percentile for both height and weight. But today, the doctor told me that he was right on track with here he was last month, 75% for height, and 85 or so percent for weight.

His appointment well. We got to see the doctor who checked him out in the hospital when he was born, and who did his circ. I really like this doctor, so it was nice being seen by him. The doctor said Finn looks good, his heart and lungs sound good, he's perfectly healthy and doing great. Finn also got his 4 month shots today (looooong story why he hasn't had them yet that I promised myself I wouldn't get into). He didn't enjoy that part of the visit very much. I'm not sure I've ever seen his face turn that shade of bright red before. Heh heh. But he got over it quickly and slept the whole ride home. Check out these super cute band-aids they gave him:

The band aids are little crayons! They also gave Finn a little book at his appointment. It's a cute book. When we got home, I took it out the backpack and handed it to Deacon, saying, "Look at the book Finn got today." Deacon was thrilled that there's a new book in the house and immediately sat down next to Finn on the floor and "read" it to him. It was so unexpected - usually he takes his books and sits on the couch by himself, not wanting to be disturbed - and so sweet.

And to make sure I didn't have to worry about making it home in time to meet the bus, I arranged for Zeke to go home from school with his friend Logan, for a playdate and lunch. It was so wonderful of Dawn (Logan's mom) to be willing to bring Zeke home with her, and then bring him home to me when it was nap time for him. It was a good thing too. While we did make it home by 11:30, which is when the bus usually drops him off, you know that today would have been one of the rare days that he would have made it home early (because it does happen occasionally). Plus, I did't have to rush, or stress out about timing. So Dawn, if you're reading this, thank you!

Now back to Finn, who, like the title of this post, is growing like a weed. He has one of the best laughs. He also has some super ticklish ribs, so it's not so hard to get that laugh to come out. He loves people, especially Zeke. And now that Finn is a little more fun to play with and can interact with people better, Zeke is enjoying Finn a lot more. Not that he and Deacon don't play, but Deacon doesn't pay as much attention to Finn as Zeke does. And that's fine.

Finn is also a little lover, with no respect for personal space. He is particularly fond of grabbing your face with both of his chubby hands (or in my case, a chunk of my hair in one hand and my face in his other hand), pulling you in to his face, then licking (kissing) your face. And since he's super drooly right now, that means he's super slobbery. But he loves kissing.

See? All about the love and the invading of other people's personal space. But since he's so cute and so sweet, it's kind of hard to mind. At all. And that is pretty much Finn, spread out for you in a nutshell (there's a Sports Night reference for you Babe). He is so much fun, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

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