11 November 2010

Time For That Other Post

I had mentioned in Josh's birthday post, that Zeke had woken up from his nap a bit cranky since he only slept for 20 minutes and I had to wake him up. This led to some "fun" times that afternoon. Besides not wanting to help frost the cupcakes anymore (he had been looking forward to it when he went to bed), he didn't want to do anything. At all. Apparently all he wanted to do was stand around and mope.

That Friday was, beside's Josh's 30th birthday (heh), was also the night of the Harvest Festival Zeke's school put on. Again, when Zeke went to bed, he was looking forward to going to the "Halloween party at school", but when he woke up, he didn't want to go anymore. In fact, he went so far as to try to convince me to go to school with Deacon, and leave him and Finn home. By themselves. I said, "Do you really think you're big enough to take care of Finn by yourself?" Zeke looked at me, then looked at Finn and said, "No. I mean, yes." Then he handed a toy to Finn, which Finn immediately put into his mouth and Zeke said, "See? He likes it." And in his mind that was good enough to prove he could be left in charge.

Eventually, he came around (about 10 minutes before we left for his school), and off we went to the Harvest Festival. (Here's the only picture I was able to take that night.)

I'm glad we got there when we did. It ran from 5-8 and we got there at 5 exactly. I got one of the last spots in the parking lot, which was nice because that meant I didn't have to find parking on one of the side streets and walk that much further with the boys, on the ice, pushing a stroller. As we got in, I paid for some tickets (so the boys could play games) and off we went. We played some games, they got some candy and some toys, they played in the jump house for a few minutes, we played some more games, got some more candy and toys, then headed home an hour or so later. By the time we left though, the place was packed. There were kids everywhere (most of them unsupervised...sigh), and it was getting tighter and tighter in the hallways, not to mention hotter. I was practically sweating by the time we left.

I wouldn't say that Finn or I really had a good time. Deacon seemed to like it okay enough, but Zeke had a BLAST, and that's the important thing. You could clearly see on his face what an awesome time he was having, making the trip worth it.

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Ginny said...

Did you say you were walking on ice? It's only November 11. Oh my!