04 November 2010

He's Such a Little Man

Remember when I wrote that post about how sweet and encouraging Zeke has been lately? Well, apparently it's not just at home that he's like this.

Last Wednesay we had our first ever parent/teacher conference. Besides doing very well and coming along nicely in most of the areas they've been working on with him, his teacher said that Zeke is the class cheerleader. (Not a term Daddy enjoyed hearing of his boy, but it was a nice compliment all the same.) She said that Zeke is always encouraging the other kids in his class and cheering for them as they get projects finished, or as they do things that he might have noticed them struggling with. His enthusiasm for school and for his friends there is very apparent, and he's just such a joy to have there. I have to say, it's nice to hear other people say such good things about your kids.

But Zeke really is LOVING school. He looks forward to the next day as soon as he gets home and gets off the bus. He likes to show off the artwork he makes there, and really enjoys when I hang up some of the pieces around the house. His speech is improving so much, and it's really fun to see/hear it all coming together, even if there are days when I wish he would just be quiet for 2 minutes. He can come at you with some serious intensity.

He's not only sweet, and encouraging, but he's been showing some real...maturity, I guess...lately. See, Josh has been working 13/14 hour days lately because of this huge exercise he has going right now. And Zeke has sort of stepped up as "man of the house". He's been more helpful than usual, always looking for ways to help me with things. He's been paying more attention to Finn, playing with him, getting toys for him, trying to stop him from crying in the car, feeding him baby snacks while I get his dinner ready, just jumping in and pushing the stroller for me without being asked, and the like. It's really been really neat to see.

But the sweetest, and most mature thing he's done lately happened the other night. Usually Zeke will decide what movie he wants to watch after dinner, and if we decide to watch something else, or whatever Deacon wants, there are usually many tears and crying and what's it coming from Zeke. So, the other night I took down "Robin Hood" and "Aristocats" and had him pick from those two. Zeke picked "Robin Hood", so of course Deacon chimed in that he wanted to watch "Cats". I said, "Okay. We will watch "Robin Hood" tonight, and we'll watch "Cats" tomorrow." As I was taking "Robin Hood" out of its case, Zeke said, "No Mom. Deacon wants "Cats". "Cats" is okay." I know! I almost cried it was so sweet.

As much as I would love to have my boys stay little forever (well, maybe), I am so excited to see the people they are becoming and growing up to be.


Paula said...

I'm am really loving your posts lately. I sure wish we could meet Zeke ( and his brothers, of course.)

Niki said...

What a sweetie!! I love it and hope he never loses that quality! Awwwww!