29 November 2010

A Big Morning For Little Boys

This morning my friend, Amity, dropped off her little boy, Curtis, while she went in for an ultrasound (she's pregnant). With Zeke being back at school, it was just Deacon and Curtis, and boy did they have some fun.

When Curtis arrived, Deacon was already engrossed in Sesame Street, so Curtis joined him:

After Sesame Street was over, and while Finn was down for his morning rest time, we read a book until the tow truck showed up. While my neighbor may not fully appreciate this, I totally planned for his truck to break down so he'd have to have a tow truck come out to our street and get him, giving the boys something really cool to watch for a solid ten minutes:

Okay, I really didn't plan that at all, but it was a fun time for the boys to watch from inside the nice, warm house. They really got excited when I explained to them that Mater from Cars is also a tow truck. As the tow truck here, pulled our neighbor's car up, Deacon really got into things and exclaimed, "Mommy! The blue truck in ON the Mater truck!"

After "Mater" left, it was snack time - fruit snacks and cereal for everyone! Notice how nicely Curtis eats his cereal, one piece at a time, while Deacon is shoving an entire fistful of cereal into his mouth (dropping a piece or two every time):

Shortly after snacks were finished, more of the exciting fun that I had planned (not really) for the boys showed up: the big snow plow! So it was back to the windows for another couple of minutes while "Jack" (that's what Deacon has named the plow) made his way up and down the street, making nice little berms of snow at the base of everyone's driveways. Ahh...winter.

The plow didn't take as long as the tow truck, but it was still exciting. Once the plow was out of sight, it was time for train tracks and blocks and the like:

Do I know how to set up a great playdate for little boys, or what? I mean, come on. And because the camera cannot come out anymore without Finn taking notice, here's a shot of him I took this morning. Seriously, the boy is turning into a little ham:

And I love it!


Gramma V said...

I, for one, am going miss your daily blog :( ! Are you sure you don't want to do a 365?

Julie the Army Wife said...

What a fun day! Finn's smile is so cute! You should do a 365 :)

Sara said...

Love those Finn cheeks!

I'm all about a 365... I will miss you.