06 November 2010

Speaking of Sweet

So, we were getting ready to go out this morning, when Zeke started getting all kinds of upset because he couldn't wear his sneakers. After explaining to him 4 times that he had to wear his boots because he left his sneakers at school, and his boots are now the only thing he has to wear on his feet in the house, Zeke was just about ready to burst into tears. As I walked away from him to get the backpack together, Deacon, without saying a word, walked up to Zeke and hugged him. As Zeke put his head down on Deacon's shoulder, Deacon started patting Zeke's back, and they stood there like that for quite some time. After the hug was finished, Zeke felt better and happily put on his boots.

Doesn't it just make your heart feel good?

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