20 October 2010

Maybe We Should Have Named Him Barnabas

In the book of Acts, in the Bible, there is a man whom the disciples called Barnabas, or "Son of Encouragement". And rightfully so, he was a very encouraging man, and a man of good character. Sometimes I wonder if maybe we should have given the name Barnabas to Zeke.

You see, my sweet boy has never really been one to hide his excitement over anything. He is always ready to literally jump for joy (and clap, there's usually clapping) when he's excited or really happy about something. "Oh boy!" is a phrase you hear a bunch coming from Zeke. But lately he's been turning his enthusiasm for life towards others.

I cannot tell you the number of high fives I have recieved over the past week. It usually goes like this: I open/do/figure out something. Zeke realizes I did it, says, "Mommy, you did it?" When I reply in the affirmative he exclaims, "Good job, Mom! High five!" Then he gives me a high five. Or ten. You know. It's such a nice little boost. "Daddy, you cleaned the table? Good job, Daddy. High five!" "Mommy, you made the sandwiches? Oh yay! High five!" "Deacon, you cleaned up the blocks? High five!" Finn doesn't get high fives - yet. He does get kisses all over his head from Zeke though.

The other thing Zeke has been doing lately, is pouring out the thanks. In a most excited voice you'll often hear things like, "Mommy, you cleaned the yellow spoon?! Thank you!" "Daddy, you bought bananas at the store?! Oh, thank you!" "Mommy, you cleaned my dinosaur shirt/Spider-man pajamas/Wall-E underpants/etc?! Oh boy, thank you!" "Daddy, you found my green ball/purple spider/red rock/etc?! Oh, thank you, thank you!" I have to say, I think it's great. Of course, some times he takes his excitement a little too far, like the other morning when he was so excited to have vanilla yogurt and his yellow spoon that he gave both his yogurt cup and his yellow spoon kisses. Now, when the kisses are being given to me, that's no longer taking it too far.

I'm not sure how long it'll last. I hope forever. It really is nice to be appreciated for all the menial tasks that have to get done, like laundry and dishes and food shopping. Especially, when the appreciation is delivered so enthusiastically.


Anonymous said...

What a blessed big boy you have. Tell him "Good job!" from Grammy

Meagan said...

So sweet! High five for raising such a great little guy.