12 October 2010

Five Months of Finn

That's right, another month has flown by and my chunk is now 5 months old. I took him to the clinic for his 4 month well baby appointment (on his 5 month birthday - don't ask) and he weighed in around 18.3 pounds (90%) and is about 27 inches long (95%). He did really well, and is a perfectly happy and healthy baby - even though he did let the doctor have it for looking around in his ears. He sure told her a thing or two when she was finished.

As you will see in the picture below, Finn enjoys covering his face. Usually he'll pull his blanket up over his face while he's asleep, but lately, he's taken to "hiding" behind the quilt Josh's mom made for him, that I have hanging over the side of his bed. He's peeking out in the picture, but usually his whole head is under there, like a little tent, I guess.

I'm still really enjoying Finn. Or Chunky Monkey. Or Boo-Boo Bear. Or Mr. Finntastic. Or Sweet Cheeks. You know, whatever we feel like calling him at any given time. He loves to blow raspberries (he did so for a solid 45 minutes last night), and he has discovered his feet and enjoys holding on to them. As you'll see in the video below, there is very little in life that's better than doing both at the same time.

We started Finn on baby foods last week. Green beans were first. He wasn't too pleased the first time, but he came around. It should be fun to see how he reacts to the carrots he's going to get tonight. So far, none of our boys have like carrots (not that we blame them).

Otherwise, not much else is new on the Finn front. He's still happy most of the time, he still spits up quite a bit, he's rolling and scooting in little circles - which makes me think he'll be scooting forward soon, followed very closely by crawling. And, I am pleased to say, that Finn's baby book is all up to date. Well, except for those "The World Around Me" pages because I don't enjoy having to do those pages. But everything else is filled in and pictures are printed and cut and taped in there, and it's looking pretty good. And since I just spent time fiddling with pictures, and cut off my train of thought, I'm going to end the post here. Because...yeah.


Julie the Army Wife said...

He is so cute. I can see the other boys in him but he also kinda has his own look as well.

LindseyLove said...

Ahhhh how adoreable! Seeing pictures like this makes me want one!! So cute.

JStar said...

18.5 pounds!? I took my girls a year to reach that weight! :) Glad he's doing well...happy 5 months Finny boy!