01 October 2010

Maybe He Does Get It

One of the more frustrating parts of "speech delay" is when something's bothering the boys and they can't tell me what. If they're hurt, they'll eventually understand I want to know what hurts and provide the proper information, but if they're just sad or upset for some reason, the most I can get from them is "I sad." That makes it kind of hard to help them through whatever it is that's upsetting them. And besides repitition and providing possible answers as to why they might be sad, I am not sure what else to do, and I wonder why they just can't understand what I want from them.

However, this morning I overheard this conversation:

Deacon as Deacon: Hello Egg. What's wrong?

Deacon as Egg: I'm sad.

Deacon as Deacon: Ohh. You're sad? Why are you sad?"

Deacon as Egg: I'm sad because I'm hurt.

Deacon: You're hurt?

Egg: Yes. I cry now.

Deacon (as he gently pets the egg whisk): It's okay Egg.

It was seriously, too sweet and almost too funny. But it makes me wonder if he is starting to understand more about how to express what's wrong with him, you know, when something is wrong, and how to comfort someone who is upset (by the way, comfort is one of the new "word on the street" words on Sesame Street this season, and I'm linking to it because it's Jason Bateman, and I like Jason Bateman...anyway). It was pretty exciting for me. Then he and the egg went into the playroom and had a blast doing something that caused Deacon to squeal with delight and occasionally say, "Silly Egg!"

Silly Egg indeed.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, lovey. If I had a dollar for everytime Harry looks at the floor with pouty lip, signs 'sad' and says 'Daahd! Zzhaad! TDaaad!'


'Yes, Harry, Mummy knows that you're sad. But you can't go to work with Daddy/run outside with no clothes on/eat chocolate for breakfast/crack eggs into the milkshake mix packet.'


'I KNOW you're sad, lovey. I know.'


and... repeat!

Childress Family said...

I'm really glad that wasn't a real egg. :)