30 September 2010

Go BIG Or Go Home

I absoultely LOVE that Finn is such a chunk. It truly makes me happy to see the rolls and the cheeks and the "biggness" he has. But I'm a little worried he might be taking things too far now. (I'm not actually worried, so don't you go worrying.) To help illustrate my point a little, here are some pictures.

This is a picture of Deacon, when Deacon was about 9 months old:

This is a picture of Finn, wearing the exact same outfit, when Finn was 4 months old (so, last week):

Now this, is a picture of Zeke, wearing one of my favorite outfits of his (I was so sad Deacon never got to wear it since it was off-season for him), when Zeke was 11 months old:

And then this is a picture of Finn, that I took today:

That outfit is a size 12 month outfit. Finn will be 5 months old on Tuesday. Last night, I put Finn in 12 month sized pajamas. Aaand they fit. Well, they were a little long in the foot, but everywhere else, they fit. Perfectly. At this rate, Finn and Deacon will be sharing clothes by the time Finn turns 1 (and Deacon turns 4?!? can Deacon really be heading towards 4?!?). I can hardly wait to hear what they have to say at the clinic when I take him in next week for his check-up.


Embrace the Circus said...

I know! This is exactly how I've felt about John David! Last year, when he was 6 months old, he wore a size 18 month Halloween costume. It was INSANE!

He's still a really big kid, but it's slowed down some. At almost 18 months, he's just now starting to push into a 2T. (And, in fact, he'll be squeezing into last year's Halloween costume, which we've supplemented with some hilarious slippers, which cover up the part that's a bit too short.)

Hooray for big boys!

Anonymous said...

I guess that Finn just got all the big genes in the families. What a love he is.

Nicole Humphrey said...

is it possible that the outfits have shrunk? this from a mother with rolly polly babies....wishful thinking....sigh