01 September 2010

He's Such a Sweet Boy

You know, when he wants to be.

Zeke has always been pretty sweet. Zeke has also always been pretty helpful. But I feel like, since having Finn, Zeke has ratcheted up the helpfulness quite a bit. Most times when I ask him to do something for me (throw something away in the garbage can, throw a diaper out in the pail outside, pick up something to hand to me, answer the door, answer the phone, clear the table, set the table, empty the dishwasher, etc) he's more than willing to do it. Zeke also likes to help Josh. He'll help Josh pick up sticks in the backyard, hammer whatever needs hammering, screwdriver whatever needs screwdivering (yes, I know those aren't "real" words), carry Josh's lunch tupperware, wallet and keys up when Josh gets home from work, then put them all away in their respective places. He's really a handy little kid to have around.

And just this week he got even handier. As I was folding laundry the other day, he happily took his pile of clean clothes and put them all away. Score! Even better, was what happened later. i brought up a basket of clean sheets. Zeke watched me fold one then asked if he could help. Of course he can! So I told him to pick up the one end at the corners, and then showed him how to fold sheets. It was great. Now I'm wondering what else I can get him to help me with. Do you think he's too young to change the baby's diapers?

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Ells said...

what a great kid! But he has great parents, so... it's not SUCH a surprise. :)