30 August 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

So school started for Zeke last week (on Tuesday), and as you can see, he was a little more than excited to get back to it. Three of the kids who were in his class last year are in it again this year, along with one new little girl. That makes it a nice small class of 4 students. He has the same teacher, teacher's aide, and speech therapist as last year too. So he pretty much just walked right and got right to it on his first day, almost as if the summer hadn't happened. His teacher said all the kids were very excited to get back, and have been having a lot of fun learning already.

Today I filled out the form for Zeke to start taking the bus to and home from school. I have to admit that it makes me a little sad since I feel he's too young for it (even though I know he'll LOVE it). Of course I also worry about all the things that could go wrong since I won't be there to take care of him (I promise I don't have any control issues). And as far as I know there aren't ever any problems with the buses so I really need to get a grip. But really, I like bringing him in and picking him up. And he likes that too. But I was told that I could call the bus in the morning if I wanted to drop him off and/or pick him up on any given day, so that's good at least. And it really will help out in the mornings. The last few days we've gone to school have stressed me out a bit. Between Zeke asking every 3 minutes if it's time to go, and Deacon refusing to do anything I ask until I threaten to spank him, and Finn crying because he's been put down when he didn't want to be, and me rushing all over the place trying to get everyone (myself included) fed, dressed, and out the door (which could be made a little easier if I got out of bed earlier...I guess). So now I'll just have to get Zeke fed, dressed, and out the door every morning. Obviously I'll have to get dressed too, but this will allow Deacon to take his time in the morning like he seems to need to, and it'll allow me to spend a little more of the morning with Finn instead of just nursing him them putting him under his playmat until it's time to leave, when I put him in the car and off we go. So yeah. It'll be good...once Zeke and I both get used to it.

But school is back in session, Zeke is LOVING it, and in case you're wondering where the title for this post comes from, I suggest you watch the following video. I promise, it'll be worth it. You may even remember it from when it was on TV.


Julie the Army Wife said...

Oh I bet he will love the bus! Daniel started on the bus when he was almost 4 and loved it. I was nervous and each year I get nervous at first but every year he does well on it.

summer said...

You are funny! Your title made me laugh! Well enjoy your bit of time w/the other two!

Ginny said...

Beth, you are giving me flashbacks. I had to walk Kristin to school with Dana and Bobby in tow. The school was literally in our backyard in Hazlet, but you had to walk to the front of the building, so off we went. It was hard, but somehow got through it. P.S. Busses are safer than cars, relax and enjoy your new found freedom. -Aunt Ginny