24 August 2010

The Rain, Rain, Rain

came down, down, down in rushing, rising rivlets.

Okay, maybe it wasn't as bad as all that, but it did rain here for 35 straight days. That's right, 35 days of rain. We TOTALLY beat the previous record of 28 days. We so...um...rock?

So yeah, 35 days straight of rain. That really does not make for an outdoorsy kind of summer. We still had a blast this summer with all our visitors, but all that rain kind of makes one go a little loopy. Case in point, here's Zeke after day 30 (or so):

Things got really interesting when the Spahrs were here. One of the nights they were staying with us, the wind picked up to go along with the rain. Around ten or so that night, I heard a thump in the backyard as I was washing bottles for the next day. I went out the back door and saw that one of our neighbors trees had fallen over in the wind, and landed on our deck.

For your viewing pleasure is a picture of the tree the next morning, Scott supervising as Josh cuts up the fallen tree, and a picture of Josh cutting up the tree. Our neighbors (whose tree it was) were gone when it happened, so Josh and Scott happily took care of it themselves when Josh got in from work the next night. My favorite part of the tree coming down happend the morning after, when I showed the tree to the boys. Zeke saw that the tree had come down and asked, "Where's the beaver?" Isn't he cute? He knows that beavers gnaw down trees (thanks to Lady and the Tramp, and Sesame Street), so when he saw that the tree had come down he was looking for the critter who he figured was responsible for it all.

The ironic part of all the rain? It stopped on Wednesday. Wednesday the sun started shining, and the weather warmed up, and it has been lovely (for the most part) ever since. Wednesday, however, was also the first day of school here. Poor kids, the first nice day in 5 weeks and they all had to spend it in school.

I just hope it stays nice for a little while longer before the snow starts coming down.

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Meagan said...

I would grow mold after that many days of rain! Will you also be subject to the 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness. I so miss the long summer days of Germany where it did not get dark(ish) until 11pm.